advancing manufacturing company social media presence thru content gap analysis

Manufacturing companies today are hard-pressed to be at the forefront of social media, and nowhere is that more important than for manufacturers.

And yet.

Simply showing up on social media isn’t enough – you need to focus on optimizing your valuable content to really engage with your targeted audience.

That’s where social media content gap analysis comes in.

It is crucial for any manufacturing company aiming to get ahead. Without it, it’s near impossible to identify the areas in your current content offerings that need attention and optimization in order to capture your ideal audience’s short-lived attention online.

This article looks at three areas: what a social media content gap analysis is, how manufacturers can benefit from it, and how to do one.

What is a Social Media Content Gap Analysis for Manufacturing Companies?

Social media content gap analysis is the process of examining current content marketing resources, pinpointing potential improvements, and helping to strategize future success on multiple platforms.

By using this analysis, B2B manufacturing companies can ensure their presence on social media is optimized and generates an engaged audience, bringing them closer to their potential customers.

With its ability to find areas in the content plan that need attention and discover the types of content that are resonating with the target audience, it allows manufacturers to create informed decisions about their content marketing campaign.

So, instead of blindly trying to spread the word or risk producing the wrong content, you can now become intentional, placing yourself in the spotlight when it matters most on content platforms.

advancing manufacturing company social media presence through content gap analysis

The Benefits of Social Media Content Gap Analysis for Manufacturers

Manufacturing companies that take the time to conduct an effective content gap analysis can reap many benefits from the exercise.

1. Understanding of your manufacturing audience

By investigating data from multiple channels and platforms, manufacturers get an excellent opportunity to gain deep insights into who their ideal customer actually is by asking primary questions, enabling them to target their audience more accurately.

Knowing exactly who you are communicating with is key when devising a successful digital content marketing campaign.

2. Crafting an Impressive Brand Presence for Manufacturers

Manufacturing companies can build powerful brand recognition through a meaningful content gap analysis.

By analyzing their target market, competitors, and industry trends, they can identify gaps in existing content assets and develop insightful campaigns or content push that stand out from the rest. This helps create a distinct voice and personality in content pieces, allowing them to become more visible and memorable in today’s highly competitive marketplace using social media profiles.

3. Driving Increased Engagement with Manufacturers’ Audiences

Besides creating a strong brand presence through social media content gap analysis, manufacturers are also given the opportunity to engage with current customers and potential buyers more effectively through strategic content ideas.

With tailored solutions based on data-driven insights, they can develop effective content strategies to cater to different, wider audiences across multiple social channels and ensure maximum engagement with their products or services.

4. Highlighting Critical Manufacturing Expertise

Manufacturing companies often offer valuable solutions in various intricate areas, such as industrial automation or safety protocols. By conducting a thorough analysis of their target audience’s needs through social media content gap analysis, manufacturers can uncover opportunities for highlighting their expertise and better serve customer requirements.

This also supports continuous learning for both the company and its employees by staying up-to-date with industry changes or innovations, thus providing informative content.

advancing manufacturing company social media presence through content gap analysis

5. Making More Informed Decision

Social media content gap analysis provides invaluable intelligence on which decisions should be made in allocating resources toward particular projects or initiatives. This is especially true within the realm of marketing campaigns online or offline efforts such as trade show appearances or tech conferences.

Gaps uncovered through this process help vocalize customer needs in backroom meetings so that any decisions taken into consideration are regularly tested against consumer preferences. This ensures that departments such as research, development, and production remain closely connected.

6. Enhancing User Experience

Through social media content gap analysis, manufacturing companies have access to valuable data on existing users’ purchasing journeys. For example, what particular topics stimulate conversations between themselves and their customers versus competing brands and their engaged customers, etc.?

Such information sheds light on audience behavior and how people interact online, which then helps shape marketing efforts, i.e. informing where capital is spent most efficiently amongst channels, thus leading towards improved customer satisfaction experience overall.

7. Unlocking Breakthrough Insights

The following enables decision-makers inside manufacturing enterprises to create logic-based frameworks. You will gain a better understanding when, under the lens of your objectives, you look at these external factors:

  • user considerations
  • lifestyle interests
  • challenges
  • motivations
  • values
  • shared beliefs
  • broader economic forces
  • societal shifts
  • regional nuances

Then, you can form strategic plans helpful in refining your content strategy positioning and pointing towards larger business objectives.

B2B social media specialist

Considerations for manufacturers when doing a social media content gap analysis

According to Content Marketing Institute’s research in 2022, B2B organizations used these technology tools to assist with content marketing:

  • analytics tools (83%)
  • social media publishing/analytics (80%)
  • email marketing software (75%), and
  • content creation/calendaring/collaboration/workflow tools (73%).

There are so many things that you may need to look into when doing a social media content gap analysis.

To build a robust framework, it’s essential to identify metrics and targets, map out channels and strategies, pre-regulate future content flow, and establish an agile review process.

It’s also important to look at the quality and quantity of the forms of content.

Monitor how often each platform is updated, the type of content being shared, and whether the message resonates with your target audience.

Look at how many followers your page has, analyze their engagement rates, and use social listening tools to understand what people think about your brand. You may also need to do a content audit to aid this process.

6 15 2022 social success marketing newlogo1 copy

Exploring all angles of a social media content gap analysis is essential for laying the foundation for meaningful and impactful results.

— Ruby Rusine, Chief – Social Media Strategist

When monitoring conversations about competitors who are stealing thunder, identify voids in topics that you can fill in with creative and juicy content ideas and strategies.

Then dive into various analytics platforms to check out which pieces of content performed well and why, and factor in search engine optimization (SEO) elements to determine what changes you could make to ensure maximum reach on social media.

Plan out experiments on different channels for your premium content–from images to videos–to measure after each one has been completed so that you can pivot, if needed, and make sure all future content offerings stay on track.

Finally, develop a quality assurance approach that validates that all posts are true to the brand voice before going live.

Leveraging Technology & Talent For Efficiency

It’s important to reflect regularly on all your efforts in order to make calculated improvements. A thorough analysis gives you a bird’s-eye view of how far you’ve come and how far you have left to go – essential data points for every successful manufacturing company seeking success on social media.

At Social Success Marketing, we help manufacturers construct a comprehensive social media content gap analysis through our social media management packages. Our comprehensive approach identifies which platforms your target audience engages on which is a critical marketing step. It reveals areas of improvement and opportunities for growth and provides detailed implementation strategies for each aspect of content creation.

We break down content assets, channels, and tactics, helping you identify where improvements can be made to the quality and quantity of your messaging to build a solid content strategy.

Success is only achievable with a reliable blueprint- that’s why our consultative outsourced social media process helps create informed decisions based on a thorough evaluation of your current dynamics – not just once, but month by month. Put our expertise to work for you today and experience the power of a tailored solution for your campaign goals.


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