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Twitter Chat Host For #BldgREChat or #USAMfgHour: What You Need To know 3

Have you ever considered hosting a Twitter chat, but didn’t know how to get started?

If you are new to hosting a segment or would like to improve your Twitter chat skills, this article will give you all the knowledge necessary to be a successful host of either #BldgREChat or #USAMfgHourChat.

So, this article will largely emphasize what is needed from our hosts in order for everyone involved to have an effortless and successful Twitter chat experience, as much as possible.

What is a Twitter chat?

A Twitter chat is a professional networking Twitter event that is around a specific hashtag. It usually involves multiple people tweeting about the same topic or answering questions that have been posed by the chat’s organizers.

It is an open Twitter party linked together by one hashtag.

So basically, it is a social gathering without the need to leave your chair! It’s the most exciting way to jump into conversations with other people about the subjects and topics that matter most.

Budding Twitter users, old school gurus, professionals, and enthusiasts passionate about the same subject gracefully collaborate in this lively discussion.

It allows for organic dialogue, where ideas can flow freely and perceptive responses can provoke deeper engagement. Everyone gets to explore discoveries or share perspectives on complex topics with ease.

If you’re looking to join in the fun and connect with others over shared interests, what better place to start than a Twitter chat?

What is the difference between the #USAMfgHour and #BldgREChat?


Anyone can join this chat. It is geared towards builders and contractors, realtors, home service professionals, including technology, finance and other allied businesses. If you champion small, local businesses, this chat is for you.


Wednesdays on Twitter
12nn Pacific



Anyone can join this chat. It is a for U.S. manufacturing companies and U.S. manufacturing advocates, including supply chain technology, logistics, niche manufacturers, warehousing and other allied businesses.


Thursdays on Twitter
11am Pacific


What is in it for the Twitter chat host?

Hosting a Twitter chat should be top of mind if you’re looking to up your social media game. This engagement tool packs plenty of punch when it comes to promoting your brand and connecting with customers and influencers in real-time.

A study of Twitter chats found that hosts reach a broader audience and generate more interactions when posting the hashtag multiple times throughout the day.

It’s the ultimate platform for increased exposure, inviting followers, building relationships, accessing feedback and gaining business leads. But the benefits don’t stop there: you can use the data gathered during a chat to gain new insight on customer behavior, product features, marketing strategies, more.

The time investment is minimal but the returns exponential — that’s what a winning strategy looks like! Plus, it provides an added bonus: dishing out valuable information as you become an authority in your industry. With effective Twitter chats sprinkled into your weekly mix, success is always just around the corner! 

Hosting a Twitter chat can seem like a daunting task, but the payoff is worth the effort!

Twitter Host Tips

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of hosting a Twitter chat:

  • Participate in the Either Chat First, Before Hosting: There is nothing compared to experiencing it for yourself. You are experiencing only half of the chat. That will prepare you for the other half when you host. 
  • Choose a Topic: Before you contact hosts, decide on a topic that is relevant to your brand and interests. It should be something that will engage your audience and encourage conversation. Also, it should be a topic that showcases your “super power.”
  • Set a Date & Time with Chat Co-Chairs: Once you have chosen your topic, it’s time to decide when to host your chat. Choose a date that works best.
  • Submit the Questions & Answers on Word Document Two Weeks Before Your Chat: We have a template for you courtesy of DCSC Inc. (Co-Chair) on how to structure the chat.
  • Hosting a Chat Does Not Give You License to Spam: The goal of our chats is to help and serve. We do not use it as an opportunity to talk about your product or service at every turn. However, our segment hosts are encouraged to talk about themselves at the beginning and at the end of the chat. If using a link and/or your own hashtag from your company, please limit it to two to keep it from appearing spammy to participants. Yes, our participants balk at hosts that are way too self-promotional.
  • Do not Forget the Specific Twitter Chat Hashtag (#USAMfgHour or #BldgREChat): For off the cusp replies you make, always use the hashtag for the chat you are hosting so the participants see it. You help them see your replies that way.
  • Don’t Forget to Use Images: Images are a great way to capture attention. Use it however you want to, but here is a pro-tip: Images should undergird what you said and not the main content/conversation. Twitter and search engines are still text-based. The more the texts in the caption and less on images, the better for YOU to get found. [Oh, you’re welcome.:)]
  • Follow All the Co-Chairs of the Hashtag You are Hosting: These are people that are going to market your chat feverishly.
  • You are Business, or Represent One (company or solopreneur). Since the Twitter chat is a business networking event, your business or who you represent must be clearly stated in your profile.

How to Structure the Chat Segment You Are Hosting

1:00 PMIntroduce yourself, share your topic, and ask participants to introduce themselves + chat hashtag (#BldgREChat or #USAMfgHour)
1:05 PMQ1 goes out + chat hashtag
1:10 PM Your A1 goes out + chat hashtag
1:15 PMQ2 goes out + chat hashtag
1:20 PMYour A2 goes out + chat hashtag
1:25 PMQ3 goes out + chat hashtag
1:30 PM Your A3 goes out + chat hashtag
1:35 PMQ4 goes out + chat hashtag
1:40 PMYour A4 goes out + chat hashtag
1:45 PM Q5 goes out + chat hashtag
1:50 PMYour A5 goes out + chat hashtag
1:55 PMYour closing thoughts on the subject go out with a closing Q for people + chat hashtag
2:00 PMShare where people can find you online and any free resources you want to provide + chat hashtag
Format template courtesy of Kirsten Austin, DCSC Inc.

Although we have a structure as shown above, we encourage our segment hosts to get creative and not be stymied by it. We had a “This or That” chat and another had the participants guessing what the photo was about and still remained relevant.

The power of the business networking chat lies in the hashtag of the specific business chat you are hosting. So, make sure that your questions, your answers and your replies to all participants during the chat should have the right hashtag.

What to do with your chat content?

We need your questions and answers in Word document two weeks before the chat for the recap team to work on. It will also come handy in case something comes up on your end, and you can’t make the chat. For example, Wi-Fi’s down or there’s no power. It happened, and happens.

You schedule your questions and answers on the tool of your choice (we have suggestions below) that are free.

Some hosts use their own graphics or stock photos, and some do not. Whether you use graphics with your questions and answers is at your discretion.

What tool can I use to schedule my chat? And is it necessary?

Scheduling your Twitter chat is a great way to ensure that you are organized and prepared for the event. There are several tools available to help you schedule your chat, such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and Buffer.

Scheduling your chat can be beneficial in many ways, including:

  • Automatically tweeting out questions at predetermined times
  • Allowing you to focus on engaging with participants rather than worrying about timing
  • Ensuring that all questions are tweeted out in a timely manner
  • Helping you to keep track of the conversation and respond quickly

While it is not necessary to schedule your chat, we strongly recommend that you should. The chat goes really fast! It is helpful in making sure that everything runs smoothly.

Steve Chin, likened it to having a catered party. Everything’s prepared, all you need to do as a host is to chat with your guests.

Twitter chat host: Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, you can. Five to seven questions should be optimal. That will still give you time to bond and chat with Twitter chat participants.

We understand that things happen; we can reschedule. However, if something comes up on your end within 24 hours of your scheduled event, the hosts will cover the chat for you. This is where the submitted Qs and As will come really handy.

We are all over Twitter and social media (active links above), but here you can DM Ruby on Twitter or LinkedIn. (Just click either)

Use or Tweetdeck by Twitter.

Twitter Chat Host For #BldgREChat or #USAMfgHour: What You Need To know