10 Benefits Of Twitter Chats For Your Business
10 Benefits of Twitter Chats for Your Business

What are the benefits of Twitter chats for your business? Trying to consider whether you’d join chats in Twitter? Would it only be a waste of time for your business? What I found is that whether your brand is an active participant, or hosts one, it comes with surefire benefits for your business. For sure, it is not a waste of your time.
Here are the benefits of joining Twitter Chats:

Helps Grow Your Twitter followers | One

Advanced Social Media Tip | Engagement

If increasing the number of followers is one of your goals, then join a twitter chat regularly. You would notice a spike of  “new followers” every time you are actively engaged in one. This is a fact that those active in Twitter chats would be able to confirm. Of course, you can look for followers on Twitter, but with chats, they find you. You see, engagement attracts followers.
There’s a plethora of chats going on in the interwebs. Where do you look for relevant chats? Check this list and schedule of Twitter chats.

Builds Your Twitter Community | Two

Through your regular conversations with tweeps in chats, you get to know them; they get to know you.
To build community:

 ….if you’re the participant: Be there consistently. Make your conversation of value by providing helpful answers. Make your time count. Don’t waste it.
…if you’re the host: Make your topic relevant to your participants. If you don’t know what topics resonate with them,  ask! Don’t be a know-it-all!

You Get Free Tips and Information | Three

It is a great source of ideas, tips, information – and inspiration. After each chat, I often walk away with something to try or check out.

Elevates Brand’s Authority & Thought Leadership | Four

In twitter chats, you share your knowledge and prove your expertise. That helps build your authority or influence. The more consistently you attend one,  the better it is for you. Of course you can fast track that by hosting a chat yourself (check #9), or by being a guest expert of one. You want to build your credibility, do you?

Blog Content Source | Five

Struggling for topic to blog about?  Join a chat. It is can be a content strategy. I get sparks of ideas on what to write from twitter chats. This blog is a perfect example.

Opportunity to Chat Online Meaningfully | Six

I used to struggle finding someone to converse with on Twitter despite of its being an open social media platform.  Twitter chats take you beyond the weather and coffee conversation.  You exchange useful and helpful ideas.

Brand awareness | Seven

Advanced Twitter Chat Tip

It is a very cost-effective way to increase brand awareness. When joining Twitter chats, your brand (i.e. Twitter handle), could potentially get mentioned or retweeted several times during the chat. What they retweet could be seen by their followers.  The  more people see your brand, the better. Right?

Connect with Leads | Eight

You heard of “out of sight, out of mind,” right?  Although a chat is not a sales event and that attendees are not there to buy a product,  your engagement in Twitter chats is a tactical strategy to make sure that you are on top of your potential customer’s mind when they need what you’re selling.

Engage with Customers | Nine

Use it as an opportunity to nurture relationship with existing customers.  Keep them engaged with your brand through the chat.  Get a pulse of what they want. You can, without being sales, even use it as an opportunity to announce product launch or important news and event that would be beneficial to them.

A learning Experience | Ten

Should you want your business to host a chat,  join a couple of chats first.  Observe how it is done by others. I wrote a list of more than 20 tasks a host may need to do before, during and after a Twitter Chat.  Should you want to know more what it takes to host one, check it out.
Should you want to try chats, check out #ConstChat by @YoutooCanBeGuru & #DigiBlogChat by @Carol_Stephen.


Joining twitter chats is very beneficial to your business. In fact, it is a very efficient and effective use of your time, if time is that scarce for you as business owner or executive.
What other benefits of Twitter Chats can you think of beside the above?

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