Twitter marketing for supply chain tech company

Supply chain tech companies are constantly innovating and leveraging advancements to streamline operations and boost efficiency. However, even the most cutting-edge supply chain tech can go unnoticed without effective marketing strategies. This is where social network X, formerly known as Twitter, comes into play.

X has evolved from a microblogging platform into a business networking site where supply chain companies can engage with followers and share real-time updates. For small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the supply chain industry, X provides an opportunity to showcase expertise, build brand awareness, and connect with potential customer base and industry influencers.

In this article, we explore effective X strategies tailored for supply chain SMEs.

But first…

Are procurement managers and logistics professionals using X (formerly Twitter)?

While concrete data is difficult to obtain, it can be reasonably deduced through observation that professionals in the procurement and logistics industry actively utilize X (Twitter) for customer engagement.

Many individuals working in supply chain management, transportation, warehousing, distribution, and other logistics-related roles can be seen taking part in Twitter discussions focused on relevant industry topics. They share insights, offer advice, analyze trends and current challenges, and network with like-minded professionals.

Many companies, industry associations, thought leaders, and experts leverage Twitter to promote logistics-focused content, company announcements, events, and news. They interact with existing connections and forge new relationships within the logistics community on the platform.

Though exact statistics are unavailable, the prevalent use of logistics-related hashtags, organization handles and individual profiles on Twitter shows that logistics and supply chain professionals find it an effective channel for outreach, discussion, and engagement within their industry.

While concrete data cannot confirm absolute numbers, deductive reasoning points to the widespread adoption of X (Twitter) for dialogue in the logistics space.

X marks the spot—within the logistics industry, Twitter is an invaluable tool for professionals to share ideas, start conversations, and build relationships.

Why Should a Supply Chain Tech Company Use X? | 3 Benefits

Supply chain technology companies can use X (formerly Twitter) to gain insights into the industry, share their latest product and service updates with their customers, and reach out to potential clients.

Here are a few reasons a supply chain tech company should leverage X as part of its social media initiatives:

1. Foster engagement and influence opinion

Supply chain companies can use X to initiate dialogues with influential voices and intended demographics within their industry. By engaging these accounts in two-way exchanges, supply chain tech companies can cultivate stronger ties and goodwill beyond surface-level promotion.

These interactions also present an opportunity to organically provide insights and thought leadership that positively sway opinions. Maintaining an active presence and reciprocating interest in user discussions can incrementally nurture a community united by shared values.

The real-time interactivity and transparency of the platform empower brands to progress from one-way broadcasting to collaborative relationship-building. In turn, they gain advocates who feel aligned with their mission.

For companies seeking to win over key audiences, exercising the conversational power of X can help earn affinity and shape constructive perceptions around a brand.

2. Reach a broad audience

With its vast user base, X provides supply technology companies an opportunity to substantially broaden their visibility and access a massive pool of prospective clients that would otherwise be difficult to attain through traditional channels that are expensive.

By establishing a presence on the platform as part of its business strategy, supply chain tech brands can leverage its expansive built-in network to amplify their discovery and initiate crucial first connections with previously untapped segments across consumer and commercial spaces.

The sheer scale and activity on X enable B2B supply tech firms to transcend geographical limitations and engage global audiences that align with their solutions. Ultimately, the platform serves as a springboard for supply tech companies to grow their discoverability exponentially and connect with an abundance of potential new customers.

Messages can be tailored to highlight key benefits and engage prospects on a deeper level.

3. Gain market insights

Keeping a pulse on discussions occurring on X can provide invaluable consumer and industry intelligence for supply chain companies. Following relevant hashtags and keywords makes it possible to identify emerging needs, pain points, and shifts within the logistics space in real-time.

Competitor monitoring sheds light on their newest offerings, marketing tactics, and customer reception. Public feedback and review analysis grants an authentic glimpse into customer sentiment, dissatisfiers, and desired improvements.

Taken together, the real-time conversation happening on X can act as a robust market research apparatus for supply chain brands attuned to those signals. Rather than relying solely on commissioned studies, X enables access to a living, breathing focus group of target users, partners, and industry commentators.

The platform provides a readily accessible tool for supply chain companies to tap into organic dialogue and derive actionable insights to inform social media strategies.

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Lay the Groundwork for Success

Before tapping into the potential of X to amplify your supply chain strategy, invest time in crafting a professional profile that accurately conveys your brand identity and industry expertise.

  • Select a clear profile photo that visually communicates your offerings and industry.
  • Craft an informative bio that succinctly conveys your competitive differentiators and value proposition. This is easier said than done, but the good news is you can change this in the future.
  • When deciding on a username and handle, opt for simplicity and memorability by using your company name or a variation. Avoid hard-to-remember combinations of numbers, characters, or abbreviations that will bewilder your followers.
  • Make your profile visually engaging by incorporating branded visual elements through your header, color scheme, and other profile aesthetics.

The goal is to make your X presence instantly recognizable and reflective of your authority in the supply chain space from the outset.

This sets the stage to fully wield this social media platform through an authoritative, professional lens that aligns with your supply chain identity and objectives.

Actionable X (Twitter) Marketing Tips for Supply Chain Company

With a polished, professional profile that accurately represents your supply chain brand now established on X, the next step is optimizing your activity and engagement.

Here are some tangible ways to derive maximum value from the platform:

1. Content Demystified

A strategic, multifaceted content approach is key for supply chain brands on X targeting SMEs and logistics professionals.

  • Original Content vs Curated Content

A study by Pew Research of X activity from U.S. adult users reveals that the predominant share of posts on X comprises responsive engagement, rather than standalone organic content. Between October 2022 and April 2023, the vast majority of tweets took the form of replies to others (40%) or retweets of existing posts (35%). Comparatively fewer tweets were originally composed messages (15%) or quote tweets with added commentary (9%).

While this breakdown shows that leveraging the platform’s conversational nature through reactions and amplification is key, the lower volume of original content represents a strategic opportunity for supply chain companies. By consistently crafting engaging, educational, and industry-relevant tweets, brands can establish themselves as thought leaders, providing unique value to their peers and prospective clients.

In a sea of reactions and resharing, original commentary and insights stand out. Supply chain companies should take advantage of the room to shape discussions and demonstrate expertise through valuable original perspectives.

To effectively engage with their target audience of procurement managers and logistics professionals, a mix of content is needed. This can include sharing industry news, informative articles related to supply chain services, updates about the company’s supply chain solution, and thought leadership pieces.

Keep copy concise, scannable, and tailored for the platform. Schedule relevant content in advance while leaving room for real-time interaction.

  • Visuals

Incorporating visual elements into tweets such as images, infographics, and videos can substantially boost engagement from supply chain audiences on X.

According to an Adweek study, tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more likes, and 150% more retweets compared to text-only posts.1

This effect holds true across industries, including supply chains. Visual content catches the eye amidst busy feeds and makes tweets more enticing to interact with.

Supply chain companies should take advantage of this by regularly sharing visual assets that align with their brand, attract targeted demographics, and add value for procurement and logistics professionals.

Imagery that explains supply chain solutions, illustrates key data or highlights company culture/events can captivate viewers while conveying expertise. Purposeful visual content gives tweets greater stopping power and circulation, enabling supply chain brands on X to increase meaningful engagement across critical KPIs.


We reached out to Social Success Marketing to help evaluate our social media efforts. Ms. Ruby Rusine agreed to help us in the form of a thorough analysis with follow-up recommendations. After implementing many of the suggestions we were able to successfully build our followers with quality accounts and properly promote our Supply Chain Solutions. We appreciate the professionalism and thoughtful work ethic of Ms. Rusine and her team.

~ Kirsten Austin, Owner, DCSC, Inc.

  • Strategic Hashtags

Including targeted hashtags in tweets can expand visibility and enable supply chain companies to access expansive pre-existing conversations on X.

Researching popular or emerging hashtags frequented by procurement, logistics, and operations professionals makes it possible to insert tweets into those discussions, organically.

Monitoring hashtag volumes and trends over time also provides visibility for topics resonating most across your industry.

Pro Tip:

Keep an eye on trending topics. I have seen supply-chain-related hashtags trending.

For maximum effectiveness, aim to strategically include 1-2 of the most fitting hashtags per tweet to help the right audiences discover your content. While sprinkling posts with an excessive number of hashtags may seem beneficial, it can undermine engagement by appearing spammy. Moderation and intentionality with hashtags aligned to your supply chain niche help strike the right balance of increased visibility without appearing promotional.

Curating hashtags aligned to your brand and audience while providing utility to those discussions allows supply chain companies to reach interested parties outside existing channels.

Hashtags effectively remove geographical and network barriers when done judiciously. Here are some hashtags that you can start with:

  • #supplychain
  • #procurement
  • #logistics
  • #supplychainmanagement
  • #scm
  • #supplychainoptimization
  • #supplychaintech
  • #supplychaintrends
  • #supplychainnews
  • #supplychainchallenges
  • #supplychainsolutions

Overall, when used appropriately, hashtags provide supply chain brands an easy tool to broaden reach and participation in key industry conversations on X, and ultimately attract potential clients within the SME market.

2. Run Twitter chats or Q&A sessions

Supply chain brands can spur vibrant engagement on X by organizing live chats or Q&A sessions. Setting a specific time and using an event hashtag allows followers to join a collective conversation in real time. Industry partners, influencers, and prospective clients will appreciate the opportunity to pick the brains of experts.

Handling queries and weighing in on supply chain topics in this format showcases both knowledge and commitment to the community. Participants feel their voices are heard while businesses build rapport and visibility through valued insights.

These sessions create a forum for addressing shared interests and challenges, forging connections in an authentic setting outside conventional broadcasting. While requiring planning and moderation, interactive events provide unrivaled engagement, relationship-building, and positioning for supply chain leaders willing to devote the time.

Twitter marketing for supply chain tech company

3. Step Out; Interact!

Engagement and interaction are crucial elements in building a forceful presence in the logistics industry and fostering connections within the supply chain community.

Twitter has become a powerful tool for businesses, including supply chain companies, to engage with their audience effectively in real-time.

To maximize engagement on Twitter, here are some tips:

  • Respond promptly to comments, mentions, and direct messages. This shows that you value the input and opinions of your followers, creating a sense of connection and trust.
  • Retweeting and replying to logistics industry influencers and thought leaders can increase your visibility within the supply chain community, positioning you as a knowledgeable and reputable player in the field.
  • Running polls, asking questions, and encouraging discussions relevant to the supply chain domain can further foster engagement and create a forum for knowledge sharing and networking.

By incorporating these strategies into your social media presence, you can create a strong and interactive online presence that facilitates connection and promotes your position within the industry.

Overall, engagement and interaction play a vital role in creating a robust and reputable presence within the logistics and supply chain industry.

4. Analytics and Insights

With Twitter analytics, you hold a powerful tool to comprehend the extent of your posts’ reach and measure the impact of your campaigns. Using these insights, supply chain companies can attain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and pinpoint areas for enhancement, including the frequency of tweets in a single day.

By examining the data gathered through analytics, you acquire priceless insights into the content that resonates most with your followers. You can also determine the most opportune times of day to post and identify the subjects that generate the greatest interest.

This assessment of the customer’s voice empowers you to adapt and refine your marketing campaigns for optimum outcomes. It’s about tailoring your strategies based on key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensuring that every move you make resonates with your target audience.

5. Maximize X’s Connective Power

One of the greatest values of the X platform for supply chain professionals is the networking and relationship-building capabilities it provides. Engaging with industry thought leaders, analysts, and prominent voices through likes, retweets, and @ mentions can open the door to fruitful connections.

Joining industry-specific Twitter conversations and events also enables the discovery of like-minded professionals and prospects.

Moreover, the real-time flow of information on X makes it a prime channel for staying current on the latest supply chain news and emerging trends. Following key organizations, publications, hashtags, and conducting searches provides easy access to breaking developments in logistics tech, warehouse automation, delivery innovations, and more. The aggregated crowd knowledge can unearth insights days or weeks ahead of other sources.

Who should you follow on X?

Here’s a list of some supply chain leaders we recommend you follow. At the time of this writing, these accounts are active on X.

Overall, X offers invaluable connectivity and awareness, enabling supply professionals to gain an edge in this rapidly developing industry by networking with influencers, peers, and prospects while staying informed about sector developments.

Maximizing the connective power of X can yield a minefield of opportunities, so tap into its wealth and reap its bounty!

Consistency, Scheduling, and Professional Assistance: The Keys to Twitter Relevance for Supply Chain Tech Companies

Twitter, now known as X, is a powerhouse. Its potential to reach a massive audience and promote your supply chain tech company is unmatched.

But to succeed on X (Twitter), you need to be consistent with your posting. Don’t just post once in a blue moon. Show up regularly to keep your audience engaged.

It can help you reach a large audience and promote your supply chain tech company. But to succeed, you need to be consistent. Post regularly to keep your audience engaged and create a consistent tone for your brand.

  • Consistency is vital. Keep your audience engaged by posting regularly.
  • Timing is everything. Schedule your tweets strategically to maximize your reach. Think about when your followers are most likely to be online. Maybe during the workday? Use scheduling tools to plan your tweets. Be smart about it, be strategic, and be on the ball.
  • Sometimes, you need a little help. Consider bringing in the pros (*cough* like Social Success Marketing). Having an experienced social media agency is like having a secret weapon that you don’t want your competitor to know about. They’ll curate killer content, keep your posting on point, and track your progress. They’ll even help you develop a killer Twitter strategy that aligns with your marketing goals. It is just like having a secret weapon.

By combining consistent posting, strategic scheduling, and professional help, your supply chain tech company can stay relevant and engaging on X. Reach a wider audience and grow your presence. Don’t miss out on the opportunities X has to offer.

Amplify Your Supply Chain Brand on X with Social Success Marketing

For supply chain organizations, an impactful presence on X is now a business necessity. The platform provides unparalleled reach to amplify your brand, spark engagement through two-way dialogue, and immerse your company in industry conversations.

Our team at Social Success Marketing understands the platform’s immense potential to broadcast your message and forge meaningful connections for the B2B logistics space.

We can optimize your X activities to increase relevance, amplify reach, spark high-value engagement, and quantify results. Our services include:

  • Crafting compelling, industry-focused content strategies
  • Cultivating relationships with influencers and prospects
  • Running tailored paid promotions to target key demographics
  • Analyzing data and fine-tuning campaigns to maximize ROI

Our strategic approach helps translate your objectives into an optimized presence and content engine.

Let us handle the heavy lifting so your team can stay focused on core operations. Our end-to-end social media marketing management will save you time while generating measurable awareness, connections, and bottom-line impact. Partner with Social Success Marketing to amplify your supply chain brand on one of today’s most influential platforms.

Don’t leave this essential channel untapped. Contact Social Success Marketing today to get started speeding up supply chain success on X.


  1. Bennet, Shea. Tweets With Images Get 18% More Clicks, 89% More Favorites And 150% More Retweets [STUDY]. November 14, 2013. Accessed November 1, 2023.


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