B2B tips 77 building contractors social media post ideas

What building contractors social media post ideas would you recommend to help promote my company?

Someone asked that, hence this blog.

You now know that social media has changed the way businesses operate — building contractors, including the architecture, electrical and construction (AEC) industry, are no exception.

With your business competitions proliferating on the web, it takes more than being on time and on budget to complete a construction project today.

And the need for the greatest exposure has never been higher and more urgent..

54% of social media users use social media to research products, and 71% are more likely to purchase products and services based on social media referrals. (Source)


Social media marketing has taken over much of the word-of-mouth referral system and that “color” pages that many construction companies used to rely on.

You see, social media is the new word of mouth.

Using social media should no longer be a question for building construction businesses.

What social media networks do building contractors & AEC pros use?

A survey made by the Construction Marketing Association shows that 100% of the construction professionals they interviewed use social media.1

Here are social media tools that the construction industry professionals use according to a survey.2

  1. YouTube – 100%
  2. Twitter –  100%
  3. LinkedIn 100%
  4. Facebook – 90%
  5. Instagram – 64%
  6. Forums 45%
  7. Pinterest – 27%
  8. Snapchat – 18%
  9. Houzz – 9%

If you are still on the fence about social media, allow me to delve further into the topic and provide you with some compelling reasons to consider embracing it.

Why use social media to grow your building construction business?

B2B companies like the building construction sector can benefit from creating and engaging in your social media profiles and testing social media marketing campaigns.

Even if your building contracting business isn’t attracting the quality or quantity of leads you expected from social media, there are still plenty of reasons to use social networking platforms.

7 key benefits of social media content marketing For building contractors

  • Improved Search Ranking: One great attribute of social media marketing is the social signals. No, social media does not directly make your company on top of the search engine, but it’s the social signals brought about by your social media marketing efforts that help with ranking.
    Social signals, what?
    Social signals refer to “a webpage’s collective shares, likes and overall social media visibility as perceived by search engines. These activities contribute to a page’s organic search ranking and are seen as another form of citation, similar to back links.” Source
  • Networking: Real-life networking with construction business pros happens in social media networking sites every day from Twitter chats to day-to-day social media engagement. That goes for building service contractors too.
  • Company Exposure: Awareness and brand recognition are important uses of social media. You want to be top of the mind when the person at the other end of the ‘net is ready to buy or if someone asks him/her who they recommend. Hence the need for a strong social media online presence to showcase your company and what best you are good at.
  • Website Traffic: Social media is one of the best inbound marketing referral traffic tools to your site.  
  • Targeted sales leads: You can run targeted paid social media advertising and get high converting leads.
  • Digital word-of-mouth referral system: Social media marketing is the digital way to do what your company has always done – get the word out. See how the digital word-of-mouth works here in this social media group, Facebook groups in particular. And how convenient is this that people tagged the Facebook business pages? They are the ones doing the talking, not the companies.
  • Support sales: Sales will always be a top priority for using a social media marketing network for any company – including construction companies. Social media can support and undergird your sales efforts. 

social media real time word of mouth

Regardless of your reason for using social media, whether it’s used for engaging prospective clients or posting photos of completed projects, the impact of social media marketing to your business is very strong.

No point in waiting. Remember, the best time to plant a tree is now.

scroll-stopping Building contractors social media post ideas: 77 examples

The social media content marketing ideas are very similar between home builders, remodelers, electrical contractors, HVAC and other AEC professionals.

I’ve rounded up below social media post examples to help the AEC and construction professionals leverage social media platforms.

When used properly, social media can be one of the best marketing tools for building contractors to grow your business online – and to get more sales leads.


If you are in the B2B manufacturing space, posting ideas for social media here for you.


1. Feature a building construction project

Busy with demolition? Working on a drywall? Or just started a framing job? Let your audience know!

Offer your followers a peek at what your company is currently up to.

Provide some details about the project. While you’re at it, don’t forget to include a photo or a video. 

Share a story about your construction project by including:

  • what is it about,
  • where it is, and who it is for without breaching privacy; and,
  • why you are doing that project.
clark construction social media post idea feature 2

I love this post by Clark Construction.

2. Create an explainer image of how you select your construction subs

Every contractor has their own process of choosing their subs.

Use an image to the explain simple selection process in an image a social media post and as an online reference.

3. Post explainer how-to videos

You can create a video explaining your bidding procedure, or how you how you select your construction subs.

It could be the same content as #2, only that you are repurposing your content to a different format.

4. Behind the scenes posts

Behind the scenes can be any at the moment stories using either a video or photos. 

Everyone loves a little behind-the-scene content! 

It showcases the depth of work done on each project — providing room for understanding and appreciation. 

It also allows you to connect with followers on a more personal level.

5. Before Versus after Images

Before and after visuals are everywhere — even in the construction industry. 

Why? Because they are scroll-stoppers and can be engaging. And the AEC industry can definitely capitalize on this type of social media post.

This type of social media content is a great way to show the impressive transformation that your team has done on a construction project and to keep your audience engaged.

6. Project progress 

Besides before and after photos, keep your fans in the loop on the progress of your building project.

Show to your fans the progress of a certain project. 

The progress of a construction project can be fun and will keep your fans talking.

7. Crowdsource ideas

Ask fans what they think!

People are helpful and are willing to offer their advice your their $0.02 if you ask them.

As a building contracting service company, there are many fun ways to keep your fans engaged by asking them – for example, what paint to use for a room. 

Or ask them to help you pick the design of a tile for a custom house that you are building.

Or, you could ask, “What do you guys think of a stone walkway?”

8. Highlight values of a decision

After having your fans involved in #7, let them know the outcome.

And thank them, of course, for their help in completing your building project.

ProTip: You could highlight the value of why you are selecting suggestion A instead of suggestion B. Why it suits the project. That shows your expertise and knowledge about it.

9. Create an explainer YouTube video

Do you ever wonder why YouTube is the second most popular social media platform in the world? It is because people love to watch videos, not just to get entertained but also to learn.

Videos are great for telling your contracting company’s story.

Without giving away any proprietary information, explain to your social media audience how you conceptualize a building project.

Another example is if you are a Drywall Contractor, you can explain to a General Contractors how to find the best drywall contractors for work.

If you can create a short video to explain to your audience a service, or a process, take advantage of this YouTube tool.

ProTip: Whatever construction video you create, always include YouTube in your plan.

10. Create a “how-to” image

In relation to #9, if you can explain on a single image a simple process or a few steps regarding your construction business process or how to use a construction tool, go for it.

An example is explaining what a change order process is like for your company to give contractors an idea of how it is to work with you.

Helpful contents like this always draws people’s attention.

11. A slice of life live video

Whether you are a roofer, a plumber, electrician, or an HVAC contractor, share something about what your work looks like.

You may, if you like, get an extended version of it, but you can show just a peek at what you do daily.

This allows your audience and prospect to get to know your company more on a personal level – and it helps builds brand awareness and authority. 

12.  DIY expert builders’ tip

Many people love DIY tips on many things, including building projects.

Hence, they typically search for tips on how things are done by construction pros like you.

Be generous about sharing this type of tips.

Examples can be how to install a retaining wall, backyard spa ideas, or constructing an above ground organic garden, woodworking and more.

Don’t forget to remind them that whatever it is they are looking for is YOUR contracting company’s expertise. And that you are ready if they need it done by your expert team.

You can do this by showing them an image or a video.

14. Share your company’s story

People love stories.

Share your building company’s history.  

But don’t just stop there. 

Share about the difficulties your company faced, and how you conquered it. 

People love stories.

Who can’t relate to difficulties and hardships?  

15. Spot a building project problem

Share a tip for your audience and fans about common job site problems that they may not be aware of. 

For example, if you’re a drywall contractor, tell your fans the most common problem that happens on the job-site: why it is a problem, how to spot it and how to solve it. 

You can do this by sharing a video or an image.

16. Collaborate with another building contractor

heavy construction equipment post
Instagram image by Holt Cat

Do an interview with another contractor in the AEC sector. 

Have them provide your audience a tip or advice two regarding their product, business or the industry.

What is great about this? It helps you grow your network and builds goodwill.

You can do this by posting a video, a podcast, or a blog interview.

17. Share a trivia

A trivia can be engaging when used well. 

Post some lesser-known facts about your industry, including innovators that left a mark in construction history.

What it does is that it educates your audience and it shows your expertise, knowledge and passion about your industry’s history while you teach them. 

Example: Talk about the plumb line.

18. Heavy equipment highlight

 Educate your audience about your heavy construction equipment and why you are using it.

That is one way to engage those that are not savvy about tools and equipment.  

Heavy equipment in construction is not sexy, but they sure are engaging.


Check this company’s image gallery on Instagram.

19. Share about your community Involvement 

Humanize your brand by showing your fans that, just like them, you’re concerned about your community.

Tell them about your community involvement to alleviate its needs and its ills.

Create a positive buzz by fostering goodwill with people in your area!

You can highlight the positive accomplishments of the charitable organization that you have partnered with if you are not keen on putting the spotlight on your company.

20. Share industry statistics 

Share data regarding your industry.

But don’t just drop statistical information.

Explain what the number represents and how it can affect the AEC industry.  

You don’t have to tell your fans, “I’m an expert!” They will know. 

You can get this information by following reliable AEC trade news sources by, for example, bookmarking their posts on Twitter. Or by simply creating a Google Alert on construction trends.

21. Employment opportunities

You may have been posting employment opportunities elsewhere already, but don’t forget to also let your social media followers know you are hiring. 

Your fans can help with word-of-mouth advertising, including finding just the perfect employee for your team.

22. Support women working in construction 

While only 9% of U.S. construction workers are women, which is a relatively small percentage compared to other industries, there were still over 800,000 women workers employed in construction (i.e., managerial, professional, administrative, and production employees) in 2010.

Source: OSHA

Highlight the women working for your construction company – the ones working in the field or in the office.

23. A sprinkle of humor 

That’s right! This is social media, after all.

So that means to keep things light by adding humor to your social media conversations. 

Share the fun and funny things you know about your business.

If you are an electrical contractor, share funny things that you come across, including what we normal folks, do that you won’t do and therefore is a big NO and is hilarious but dangerous.

If you can create your own meme or stickers for that, so much the better.

24. Bizarre construction

Keep the engagement on your social media platforms fired up with some hilariously bizarre and weird construction ideas. 

This Pinterest board has some really hilarious bizarre construction fails. Look up for KMeadhomes | Bizarre Fails on Pinterest.

25. Video tours

Give people a video tour of either a finished or an ongoing-project.

Tell them what you did and underscore the value of what you did. That will give them an insight of what you can do and how well you do things as an AEC pro.

Check out this time-lapse video by Pankow Builders.

26. Local community haps

If you offer your construction services within a specific location, build, earn trust and stay on top of the mind among locals by including in your social media communication whatever local happenings may interest your community.

Post about business openings, construction projects, walking and biking trails and parks.  

27. Share about unusual world or national days 

Ever heard of national weird days on the internet like the “National Bubble Wrap Appreciation day? Who knew? Right?

Social media is often abuzz with these holidays because it is light and fun.

ProTip: It is a super brilliant social media strategy to tie business-related international or national days to your construction business.


  • First Wednesday in October ~ World Financial Planning Day 
  • Second Thursday in November ~ World Quality Day – a day to think about quality management in your company and how you can develop a better and more efficient process and system.
  • Third Week in August – National Management Training week – describe how you tap into the talents of your team and how you are investing to improve that.
  • Second Monday in February – National Clean Out your Computer Day
  • February 11 – National Inventor’s Day – You can definitely highlight construction inventors of the past, the present, and those of the future.

28. Officially recognized (non)working holiday posts

Tap into the holiday cheer – and connect with your followers! 

Show them how your company celebrates a certain holiday.

You could connect that with giving, if you like, as a way of showing how you honor or celebrate a special day.  

Or perhaps a contest like what these fine folks at this architect firm shared on LinkedIn.

klein mccarthy architects halloween celebration

29. For the love of food

Food posts are one of the most engaging posts on social media networks.

I am sure you have team building meals to celebrate a bidding project that you won, a milestone, a birthday and other assorted celebrations that include food and drinks.

Snap pics at these events for social media.

30. Share a cinemagraph

A what?


A cinemagraph is a still photo with sections of it that are in motion, giving you the illusion that you are watching a video. It is posted either as a video or a GIF file.

Here is an example of a construction cinemagraph. There are visual tools and apps that you can use to make one.

31. Share an infographic 

Infographics are clear and instructive visual tools that show a system, information & data that are intended to be processed fast and with much clarity.  

Show a process or steps or information to educate your audience.

32. Highlight different construction professions 

A lot of times people would only see a construction work as one cohesive unit.

Constructing a mammoth stadium involves different other building professions. It calls for different roles in getting a construction project done within scope – on budget and on time.

Feature these construction roles – in the office or out on the job site. 

Example: Highlight a safety officer’s role, or a construction project manager’s task.  

Do you remember the ice bucket challenge?

It involved dumping ice-cold water on the person and then it’s followed or by donating to the ALS. It was a viral social media event. You may have seen your friends posting a video of with water being poured on them.  

That spawned another challenge, the rice bucket challenge in India that became viral in Asia. So there are internet challenges like that happen now and then.

Every once in a while trending challenges like this show up, but be very careful of how you use it for your company. 

Recently, we had the #10YearChallenge.

34. Share relevant podcast episodes 

We all learn differently.

Some are interested in reading while others are in listening.

Share a podcast that applies to the construction industry.

Similar to these construction podcast episodes from the Association of General Contractors.

35. Host a giveaway

People love freebies. 

That is true regardless of the cost of the giveaway. 

Tap into this by running a contest on your Facebook page or your other social media platforms. 

Keep in mind, however, that the contest ought to contribute to a goal; not just because you heard from a social media manager that you should run a contest.

36. Hashtags work

Hashtags can give life to a brand’s digital identity. 

It helps you track what people are saying about your brand or your campaign. 

Crafting a buzz-generating hashtag is not as easy as it seems, so make sure you do your research before giving it a shot.

Why bother doing research?

You may end up with embarrassing stories if you fail to check first how a hashtag is used in the interweb and who uses it.

An example is the #susanalbumparty hashtag.

This little known incident happened back in November of 2012. Susan Boyle was hosting an album party for her new album “Standing Ovation”. In the producers’ haste to promote the event, they posted a hashtag that unfortunately could be misread into a VERY different kind of party than an album release party. They quickly deleted the tweet but not after having it retweeted multiple times and seeing it become one of the top trending topics on Twitter.


37. Share user-generated content 

According to the Nielsen Consumer Trust Index, 92% of customers prefer user-generated content than traditional advertising. 

UGC wins by a landslide — and sharing it is free!

Now, hold it. Hold it. 

Just because the content is online, doesn’t mean that you are free to share it.

Yes, even if they are your customers. 

The last thing you want is for a client to come after you for showcasing content belonging to them that you used for your social media marketing.

Get explicit permission to use their content. 

38. Call to caption

Ask followers to caption a photo of a construction project.

It makes your followers do a little brain-tickling to stitch together a creative caption. 

39. Create a poll 

Polls are a great way to drive social media engagement. 

With the use of polls, getting your fans’ insights is just a click away! 

Have a look at this poll created by Construction Week on LinkedIn.

construction week poll

40. Post video testimonials 

Positive testimonials help assure customers they’ve made the right decision in choosing you. 

Ask a happy customer to share in a short video their experience in working with your company. 

Check out this example from a home improvement company, New York Sash on Facebook.

41. Repurposed testimonial

Post a different file format of the video testimonial that you can post elsewhere or later.

You can do this using an image or a GIF file of your video testimonial.

42. Text only update

Despite the now-cliché mantra, no one reads anymore and that text posts don’t work, people still read. Actually.

Also, they respond to relevant text posts. 

The key here is to test it.  

That is what we did for a couple of clients. It is working for one, but not for the other. If you haven’t tested it, you will never know what works, and what doesn’t, for you.

43. Run a photo contest

With careful thoughts given to contest rules, running a photo contest can be fun.

If you are going to run a social media contest, make sure that you are aware of the contest guidelines for each platform.

What are social media contest rules?

For example, if you are hosting a contest on Facebook, here are some things that you cannot do:4

  1. You cannot say “Share in your timeline to enter.”
  2. You cannot ask participants to “Share on your friend’s timeline to get additional entries.”
  3. You cannot require them to “Tag your friends in this post to enter.”

The above is not permitted by Facebook but Facebook requires any company running a promotion on Facebook to include these:5

  • A complete release of Facebook by each entrant or participant; and
  • Acknowledgement that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook.

Twitter has promotion guidelines here.

I haven’t seen any contest guidelines for LinkedIn, so that one is free for all. If you have seen it, please comment below.

44. Awards & certifications

Did your company win an award?

Did any of your staff earn a much-needed trade certification? Winning awards, or getting certified, is an outstanding feat.

Let others know about it.

Awards and certifications are signs to anyone about how credible you are and that you and your team stay on top of the latest and innovations trends in the AEC space.

45. Construction in history

Share something about history…history of a building, history of the community, history about a tool, or history about your company or the great mean and women that broke grounds in construction in whose shoulders many are standing.

46. Employee expert interview

Post an interview with one of your experts in your company. 

You can get this expert interview done using a video, a podcast or a blog.

As an example, you can do a #MeetTheTeamMonday series or come up with your own.

47. Celebrate new hires

Introduce to your followers about your new hires.

Depending on how you post, this type of post can garner engagement from your followers. They know what it’s like to get a job.

48. Eye-catching patterns & shapes

Beautiful images are without a doubt eye-catching and can spark conversation.

The AEC industry pros have plenty of eye-catching images to snap and share – like shapes, patterns & nature backdropping your building project, and other insider photos that people not privy to your project wouldn’t typically have the chance to see.

This Instagram profile by Zaha Hadid Architects has so many eye-catching & jaw-dropping architectural images.

architecture dubai

49. Notable industry features

Has any of your CEO or VP been interviewed and featured by noteworthy building industry podcast, or news?

That is one social media content post that you should not forget to share. Interviews like that help elevate your brand’s perception. 

50. Answer an FAQ

Frequently asked questions are accurate social media content that provides value to existing customers and potential customers. Use and post one FAQ at a time.

Use the format you think suits best to your audience. You can use either a text, a video, or an image post to get this squared away.

Examples? Post a buyer FAQ, a (sub)contractor FAQ or a vendor FAQ.

51. Offer discounts

If you have an ongoing promotion, social media is one of the best places to share it.

Not only to let your audience know, but sometimes those that are in your trade and your influencers will also share it to their own feed.

52. Share an inspirational or educational quote 

Inspirational quotes generate tons of shares because people can easily relate to them.

We can’t have too much over-positivity in a world that is having a drought of uplifting examples and thrives in FOMO. 

Make posting positive posts a part of your social media calendar.

I love MCL Construction’s motivational Monday post from their Director of Wellness.

53. Share a milestone 

Did your company or your employees reached a milestone recently?

Celebrate milestones with your online fans.

It makes them feel more involved, and in-the-know about you and your construction team.

54. Post a live video

A live video is a real-time video broadcast of what is happening around you. You can share it on different social media platforms like Facebook Live, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitch & more!

Live videos can give you a deeper and more authentic connection with your audience.

As the social media live broadcaster, you can have real time conversation with your audience as they watch you.

Visiting a construction project? Attending an AGC show or an event? Post it live – some of it.

ProTip: Be aware of any some social media rules if the event is hosted by another construction organization besides your company.

55. Repurposed reviews

If you have been getting a lot of reviews from your customers and other building service contractors on other forms of media or review sites, including Yelp, grab those texts repurpose it for use on social sites like an image, slides or video.

56. Helpful blog post

Share an informative blog post that could be a story about a design inspiration, how-to tips or how you select your subs or how to be one of your subs and your job-site safety practices.

dpr construction blog

The key here is that the content should be helpful to your audience.

A blog is not an extension of your sales pages or company news. 

I hope you are blogging – and you should. If you are unsure why you should blog check this link here.

There is one construction company that got blogging down, DPR.

If you are unsure of why your construction company should blog, I answered that here: Business Blogging: Why Bother and a Planning Checklist.

57. Feature other contractors 

Humanize your brand by putting on the spotlight not just your own company team but other teams, too, like your subcontractors. 

Share photos of their work with you.

58. Creative project selfies 

Project selfies are just a twist of the normal personal selfies that we see online. This time, take a selfie of you and your construction projects with emphasis on the projects, not you.

This is great if you are stationed out in the field; if not, commission someone to do it for you.

59. Construction safety

Construction is one of the deadliest industry to work in.

According to OSHA, the fatal four causes of deaths in construction are falls, struck by object, electrocution and being caught in or between something.

Let your audience and your subcontractors your safety guidelines, rules and requirements.

60. Internship program

construction internship programs

Internships are great of introducing and mentoring students to prepare students for the workforce.

Here are some internship program posts that pros of the construction space have posted – Jewett Construction and The Western Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association & Matt Construction’s interview of their interns.

Do you invest in developing a pipeline of skilled workers through apprenticeship? 

61. Latest company updates or product updates

Share about the latest things and events that are happening in your company to keep your followers informed.

As an example, check out what this construction tech has posted here about their product update/release. Yes, it is something that people using it will be very interested to know about.

62. A drone perspective  

If you are construction management company that is putting together a high-rise or a complex super mall, drone videos and images can cover visuals that photography cannot do.

Bring your clients much closer to a project and by showing them some drone imageries. You can post this on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google My Business, LinkedIn and other platforms that welcome videos.

Do you have commercial construction project documents that are already posted online for your subcontractors? Share it online.

It may be resources like a safety checklist, subcontractor application, bidding application document, and more!  

64. How stuff works

How stuff works can be an interesting fun post.

You can feature a tool-small or big, and tell your audience how it gets your construction project done, or why you can’t do any without it.

65. Promote Local Businesses

Post about other local businesses in your feed.

Why? It helps strengthen ties with your local community. It’s one way of showing that you care about your local area, as well.

This is especially a must-do if you are a contractor that is serves a local community.

66. Contractor tips

Share to your audience the secrets of hiring the best contractor!

Guide them what to do before hiring a contractor and what to ask the contractors during the selection and bidding process.

67. Latest construction industry news

Keep your audience in the loop about the latest updates in the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.

Check out this example from Whitelaw Rigging & Fabrication.

68. Reshare articles/posts from construction publications

Sometimes you really don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

It is okay to share a construction content or article that you did not write or post for your audience and potential clients to read.

Marketers call that curated content.

The best sources for construction business updates are the reputable construction news publications of your the industry, your allied companies, and your social media followers.

Want to get their attention? Tag them when you repost their content.

See what the Construction Engineers did here on LinkedIn.

69. Construction 3D, BIM renderings and mock-ups

Share segments or truncated BIM renderings, architectural drawings, and small or full mock-ups of your project. These are fascinating and mesmerizing visuals that could keep your fans engaged.

If you have them, repurpose it as social media content.

70. Posts about your industry events

social media post example curated

Whether you are attending the Associated Builders and Contractors conference, Ground Breaking Women in Construction convention or ENR’s Future Tech, or your local chamber of commerce event, tell your followers about it.

Some event attendees do live-tweets. Live tweets give the audience a front-seat of what is happening in an event.

Or, if you want to focus on the event, you may post about the event after the fact. 

71. Cross-promote

Share your other social media handles on other social media networks.

Also, you can even tell them you posted a blog, or a helpful content on your other social media platform.

That’s just another way for them to connect with you.

What do you think will happen to the AEC industry in the coming year?

Share your insights on social media; if not reshare what others have already posted and just add your two cents about the matter.

Like this construction prediction for 2021 on LinkedIn.

construction prediction social media post example

73. Sneak peek

Brewing a project?

Give your clients a peek of what you are currently doing  – and follow up it with a final reveal. See #1 above to flesh that out.

74. Get your construction team on board with your audience

If you are struggling on obtaining photos to share online, get your construction team on board.

You can even run an internal photo contest and have your audience pick the best photo.

In doing this, you are actually shooting two birds in one shot: getting your team involved and getting your fans in the conversation. 

75. Personal posts (not too personal)

People buy from people.

Thus, getting personal on social media can be relatable – and engaging.

As social media managers, it is our responsibility to know & understand the dangers involved when posting your team’s personal information, like someone’s 29th birthday, as hackers can infer prime personal information from that.

76. Shameless plug 

Of course, let us not forget this very important part of why we are on social media, to sell your company’s products and services!

Note: I intentionally put this toward the end because social media marketing is not really about your company and your services, it is about posting contents relevant to your audience, to keep them talking, keep them sharing (hopefully your posts) and to help “top of the mind” whenever they need you construction services or tools.

77. Social media advertising

Like Google ads, if you want your contracting business profile to get seen by more, pay to play.

Facebook advertising, as an example, has an array of options to target your ideal audience 

If you have heard some of your friends complain, if not, freak out about seeing an ad on Facebook after opening a link or visiting a site. That is because of Facebook’s behavioral targeting ads.

You can run ads on LinkedIn too, but remember that your target audience on LinkedIn may also be on Facebook connecting with their families. And you can hyper-target them using Facebook ads’ targeting options.

If you are new to Facebook ads, check this blog.

When your AEC company is using images & videos of your people…

Since some social media post examples I shared include posting people – or their likeness, check with your HR if they have privacy and posting of their photos covered.


Taking and posting selfies may come like second nature to some people, not everyone is into that. 

There are some of us that are guarded about our personal privacy, respect that privacy. 

That said always get explicit permission from that person you are posting his/her photo to a public site.

If you have none drafted or included in your contract, get the help of a lawyer to draft consent for you.

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Building contractors social media post ideas…now what?!

If you’re looking for the perfect time to stepping up your marketing game, it is now.

Make it work.

Use these building contractors social media post ideas to engage & get known.

Add these social media content marketing tips to your social content calendar. Measure. Repeat what needs repeating after checking analytics.

Practice patience.

Having a social media content strategy for contractors that actually works grow brand awareness, engage with your target audience and find leadstakes time, expertise and data driven analysis.

If those are skills that your company does not possess, hire a social media marketing specialist to either help train your team to get social media marketing right or outsource the service to them.  

What creative building contractors social media post ideas for home builders, general contractors, HVAC, electrical and other AEC pros did I miss?

Leave a comment below!


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