what types of content do people share

As content marketers, we love (!) to see our content getting more eyeballs, don’t we? But while some contents get shared a lot; others are just collecting…. flies. This infographic represents the types of content that people like to share often. It is backed by research/survey.
It will behoove you to have these in the back of your mind when creating content especially if you intend to increase brand awareness or grow your community.
Here are 6 types of content that people like to share:

  1. Lists – People love to share lists! People love to create lists. There is a market for to-do lists – paper or virtual. That in itself attests to the fact that we love lists!
  2. Pictures –  We are visual. Ever wonder why Instagram and  Snapchat are popular?
  3. Videos – Same as number 2.
  4. How-to’s – People use the internet to find answers. Make yours useful and helpful.
  5. Curated Information – See infographic.
  6. Humorous. If your ad is funny, I betcha, you’ll be happier than the camel! 🙂


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