Are Facebook Likes Your Perception of Social Influence Metric

Is getting Facebook Likes one of your social media marketing goals?

There are many ways to measure marketing efforts on Facebook.

Getting Facebook “Likes” is just one of them.

Facebook Likes from another page

For those whose goal is to increase Facebook page “Likes,” you might not know this but the stats that says “x like this” of your Facebook page comes from personal profiles that liked your page, not the “Likes” from other Facebook Business Pages.

facebook page likes 2
Image from Social Success Marketing’s Facebook Page

As you can see in the above image Facebook Now mentions that the like are coming from people and your friends.

This was so confusing before way back when Facebook started with Business Pages since a lot of companies think that with many companies, also, liking their page that will help bump of the number of likes, unfortunately that’s not the case for Facebook.

Facebook Perception of Influence

Growing the number of “Likes” on Facebook is what others equate to as growing one’s perception of influence.

However, there is another side to that.

According to Vocus through a survey by Path to Influence:

“Perception of influence varies: 40% of SMBs [small and medium businesses] prefer a smaller but highly engaged audience; 27% would prefer a huge following with little engagement.”

What is your main metric when it comes to your business’ perception of influence?

Do you focus on growing your likes or engagement?

Whichever it is that you are focusing your social media efforts on, align your tactical strategies to one and be great at it.

That is especially if you are a small business with such limited resources, including money, to spare.

You can’t be great at everything when you have too many social media marketing goals you are trying to focus on and work on.

If you are trying to grow your social media engagement, I wrote an article on doing social engagement on Facebook the right way.

Posting almost every hour and being on the social media platform all day isn’t engagement the way Facebook looks at things using their algorithm.

It’s a wrap

What are you measuring on Facebook? Is it “Likes.”

And oh, by the way, there is now “Follow”… but that is going to be another topic to write about.

facebook like perceotion influence pin 2
Are Facebook Likes Your Perception of Social Influence Metric? 3

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