Getting Seen 5 Tips for Building Brand Awareness for Lumber Companies on LinkedIn

The lumber industry has faced its fair share of challenges in recent years – supply chain disruptions, soaring materials costs, labor shortages, and more. However, there are still major opportunities for lumber companies, especially in expanding brand awareness and connecting with customers in the digital realm.

LinkedIn presents a dominant yet often overlooked platform for lumber brands to build meaningful connections, nurture leads, and establish thought leadership. With over 850 million members globally, LinkedIn offers access to a massive professional network spanning every industry. In fact, studies have shown that LinkedIn generates 80% of B2B social media leads.

By leveraging the power of LinkedIn, lumber companies can tap into a vast pool of professionals and decision-makers in the industry, expanding their reach and driving business growth. Let’s explore how lumber companies can effectively build brand awareness on LinkedIn and capitalize on this valuable platform.

How Exactly Can Lumber Companies Leverage LinkedIn to Grow their Brand? (5 Tips)

LinkedIn is not just a platform for professionals to connect and find job opportunities. It is also a powerful tool for businesses, including lumber companies, to grow their brand and connect with potential clients and partners. Here are some effective strategies for leveraging LinkedIn to grow your lumber company’s brand:

Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Start by creating an interesting and complete company profile on LinkedIn. Provide relevant information about your lumber company, including your products, services, and industry expertise. Use keywords that apply to your business to improve your visibility in LinkedIn searches.

  • Headline
    Craft a captivating, keyword-rich headline that quickly conveys your value proposition. “Premium Custom Lumber & Millwork – Delivering Exceptional Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir for High-End Residential Projects”
  • About Section
    Tell your founding story and what makes your business unique. For example, “Family-owned for over 40 years, we built our reputation by supplying premium quality, sustainably harvested lumber for custom homes and architectural landmarks across the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. We only source from suppliers practicing responsible forestry.”
  • Company Overview
    Elaborate on capabilities, facilities, service areas, sustainability practices, and any special programs that set you apart. For example, “Our 70,000 square foot mill and warehouse facility allow us to offer exceptional customization, including proprietary fire-retardant treatments and precision, on-site milling for timber framing and architectural details. Over 85% of our lumber is FSC-Certified.”
  • Products and Services
    Showcase specific product lines with descriptions and images catered to target homebuilders, contractors, and architects. For example, a line of “Western Red Cedar Shingles—Perfect for accent and roofing applications. Hand-split or machine cut. Custom staining available.”

Showcase your expertise

LinkedIn is very effective for sharing a steady stream of valuable content to grab the attention of homebuilders, architects, and timber construction professionals.

Keep content focused on educating and solving problems for business customers and partners. This establishes your company as an authoritative expert in specialty lumber applications while fueling strong connections.

For example, create an article titled “Achieving Rustic, Reclaimed Looks with New Growth Lumber” where you provide tips to architects and designers on intentionally distressing and changing new lumber for interior applications to mimic a weathered, aged patina. Share photos illustrating examples like:

  • Wire brushing new white oak boards to bring out grain texture, then custom staining for variation
  • Planing barn-fresh pine beams on the backside only to reveal marks from historical saws, preserving heritage
  • Exposing new fir rafters to UV light and weathering treatments to fast-track natural graying processes

Such an article weaves together your manufacturing expertise with visual inspiration for creative applications of your lumber products. This provides value for an audience of builders and architects interested in emerging interior design trends.

You can similarly create case studies, photo galleries, video demos, and more content spotlighting unique treatments or custom capabilities that set your manufacturing processes apart. The goal is to show thought leadership while showcasing the quality, customization, and creativity you can deliver for discerning client project needs.

Engage with industry groups

Engaging with industry groups is a valuable way to build connections, gain insights, and raise your profile within the lumber and forestry sector. As part of an industry outreach strategy, consider joining relevant groups on LinkedIn or other professional social platforms that bring together professionals in lumber, wood products manufacturing, forestry, sustainable forest management, green building with wood, and related domains.

When joining these groups, make an effort to actively participate in discussions rather than just observe. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Share articles or resources that would be valuable to other members.
  • Provide informed perspectives or technical guidance when other members pose questions to the group.
  • Comment on other members’ posts when you have something constructive to add.

Aim to establish yourself as an expert voice within the groups you join by demonstrating thoughtful subject expertise. For example, in forestry groups, you could provide science-based facts on issues like climate change affects, deforestation, or forest certification programs. In wood products manufacturing groups, you might answer members’ queries about new technologies, equipment, or compliance issues.

You could also consider occasionally posting your discussion topics. For example, pose an interesting industry question or poll to encourage interactive dialogue between group members. Just make sure not to over-post for self-promotional reasons.

By engaging consistently and constructively within targeted industry groups, you expand your network, gain up-to-date market and topic insights, boost your brand, and build relationships with professionals who may eventually become clients, partners, or valuable contacts as your lumber company grows. Make sure to manage your time spent on industry groups strategically as part of your overall outreach activity mix.

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Connect with industry professionals

LinkedIn offers a valuable opportunity to directly connect with professionals working across the lumber industry and adjacent fields, like construction, architecture, engineering, and more.

Use LinkedIn’s advanced search capabilities to find professionals in your target geographic regions that have roles like architects, home builders, general contractors, lumber yard owners, timberland managers, sawmill operators, wood product manufacturers, lumber wholesalers, and distributors, among others.

When sending connection requests, take the time to personalize your ask instead of using LinkedIn’s basic pre-written options. Briefly explain who you are, your lumber company’s offerings, why you’d like to connect, and how gaining them as a contact may be mutually beneficial. Making this effort increases the likelihood they will accept your request.

After connecting, engage with your new contacts by commenting on their posts when you have something substantive to contribute, sharing pertinent articles or resources to help them, and actively taking part in group discussions they are part of. You can also send periodic personal messages checking in, perhaps highlighting a news item affecting the industry.

The goal is to establish yourself as a helpful, networked industry peer rather than a random salesperson. Nurture the relationships over time by continuing to communicate as opportunities arise.

The connections gained on LinkedIn can lead to new business collaborations, key referrals, and insider industry knowledge helping you expand your lumber company’s network and opportunities across the construction sector value chain.

Approach growing your connections strategically by targeting professionals who would be the best potential partners, champions, or clients for your business based on their role, projects, network influence, and location.

Utilize LinkedIn Advertising

Using LinkedIn’s self-serve advertising platform presents a valuable opportunity to reach highly targeted prospects, build brand awareness, and drive leads for your lumber business. With over 875 million users, LinkedIn has become a mandatory channel for B2B lead generation across industries.

LinkedIn’s ad platform enables you to create customized campaigns and choose from a variety of ad formats. Sponsored content allows you to publish long-form posts in users’ feeds aligned with your brand.

You can also run highly targeted text, image, or video ads by precisely defining your desired audiences based on characteristics like job role, company, industry, location, interests, and more. In addition, LinkedIn supports sponsored messaging for connecting through InMail to specific decision-makers.

When conceptualizing campaigns, draw up a specific goal and target audience for each one – whether it be increasing website traffic, gathering contact information to nurture leads through nurturing funnels, or driving trade show booth visits. Ensure your ads showcase what makes your lumber products, services, or manufacturing capabilities valuable in addressing customer needs.

Monitor campaigns closely using LinkedIn’s analytics to optimize based on performance. Test different headlines, ad copy, links, images, offers, and audience segments to determine what messaging and targets drive the highest reach, engagement rates, and conversion value per dollar spent. Document what works to refine future initiatives.

Invest in learning best practices around timing posts for ideal exposure, writing thought-provoking ad text, designing eye-catching visual assets, and leveraging LinkedIn’s campaign management tools. With continual optimization, a presence on LinkedIn through both organic and paid initiatives can become a core driver of lead gen and revenue growth for a B2B lumber business.

Getting Seen 5 Tips for Building Brand Awareness for Lumber Companies on LinkedIn

Build Thought Leadership through Content Creation

Besides actively engaging with your connections, another effective strategy for LinkedIn marketing is to establish thought leadership within the lumber industry. By consistently creating and sharing valuable content, you can position yourself as a knowledgeable and trusted resource.

Start by identifying relevant topics that interest your target audience. Consider the challenges they face, emerging trends in the industry, or insights that you can provide based on your expertise. Create informative and insightful articles, blog posts, videos, or infographics that address these topics.

Share your content on LinkedIn by publishing articles on your personal profile or creating posts on your company page. Use relevant keywords and hashtags to increase visibility and reach a wider audience. Engage with other industry professionals by commenting on their posts, sharing their content, and taking part in industry-related discussions.

It’s also important to actively listen and respond to comments and messages from your audience. This shows that you value their input and will engage in meaningful conversations. When you consistently provide valuable content and engage with your audience, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in the lumber industry.

Measure and Analyze Results

Monitoring and analyzing the results of your LinkedIn marketing efforts is crucial for optimizing your strategy and achieving your goals. Use LinkedIn’s analytics tools to track key metrics, such as engagement rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Pay attention to which types of content perform best and resonate most with your audience. This can help you tailor your future content to meet their needs and preferences.

You can also track the number of leads generated from your LinkedIn campaigns and analyze the quality of those leads. Are they turning into customers? If not, it may be necessary to adjust your targeting or messaging to attract higher-quality prospects.

Regularly review your advertising spend and ROI to ensure that you are getting the most out of your LinkedIn marketing budget. Adjust your ad targeting and messaging if needed to improve results and maximize return on investment.

Continuously stay updated on industry trends, changes in algorithms, and new features on LinkedIn that can enhance your marketing efforts. LinkedIn regularly releases updates and offers new tools for marketers, so staying informed will help you stay ahead of the competition.

LinkedIn Marketing – B2B Lumber Manufacturers Social Media Agency Partner

In conclusion, LinkedIn marketing can be a game changer for B2B lumber manufacturers looking to build brand awareness and connect with industry professionals. By implementing the tips and strategies mentioned in this article, you can position your company as a trusted authority in the lumber industry and attract potential clients and partners.

However, optimizing and actively managing a LinkedIn company page is challenging on top of your day-to-day lumber business operations. Without a sound LinkedIn strategy, you risk missing out on quality leads and partnerships. But with the right expertise guiding your efforts, it can lead to landing major contracts and expanding your customer base.

That’s where working with Social Success Marketing can pay dividends for your lumber company’s growth. Our team specializes in executing targeted LinkedIn marketing campaigns tailored to B2B brands. We will enhance your company’s LinkedIn presence to showcase your products and services to your ideal audience on the platform.

From spotlighting your sustainable forestry practices to connecting with home builders and construction firms, we will focus on attracting and engaging the decision-makers who matter most to your company. We make it a priority to not only grow your number of connections but also nurture meaningful relationships that drive actual business results.

Don’t leave this vital marketing channel ineffective and cost your lumber company new sales opportunities. Call Social Success Marketing today to amplify your brand on LinkedIn and demonstrate your value to prospective partners active on the platform. Let’s build lasting connections!


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