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When it comes to social media, turning to an outside marketing agency can be a great way to maintain a forceful presence online without taking up too much of your own time. However, when you use an external agency for social media management, it is important to consider how much control you have over the content that is being posted on your behalf.

This article will explore the various levels of control that business owners have when they turn to an outside agency for social media content management, as well as the potential benefits and drawbacks associated with doing so.

Why turn to an outside agency for social media marketing?

Turning to an outside agency for social media marketing strategy helps speed up momentum and achieve more with limited resources. It’s a way to supercharge your social presence—consistently discovering the best ways to engage your target audience.

With an outside agency, you can take advantage of their experience in developing memorable content that makes its mark on the digital landscape.

Their deep understanding of trends, culture, and technology helps create attention-grabbing campaigns that deliver tangible results.

It gives you the expertise and skills to maximize your reach while increasing ROI with smart targeting tactics.

An outside agency will bring the fresh perspective needed to revolutionize how you communicate with your customers online.

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What level of control do you have when turning to an outside agency for social media?

Working with an external social media management agency can be a smart and efficient way to manage your social media platforms. However, the amount of control that you have over your strategy and content created depends on the agreement type with your partner.

There are two types of agreements that define the relationship:

  • discretionary and
  • non-discretionary

The crucial difference between these two is in the level of control you will have over your social media presence.

Discretionary Agreement

Discretionary agreements grant more independence to your social media managers as they have full license to control all aspects of one’s social media channels, including design schematics, branding standards, platform selection, content creation and customer engagement protocols.

In this type of agreement, it is important to maintain open communication throughout and ensure that both parties are committed to a mutually agreed goal set-out at the beginning of their partnership. A clear job description for your content creation agency is also vital to avoid communication issues.

Non-discretionary Agreement

Non-discretionary agreements require more oversight from yourself as it restricts certain parts of operations to you alone, such as setting up strategies, determining customer targets, deciding how creative should be used or selecting tools for execution. These partnerships, however, require more time on behalf of yourself or a designated team of experts, which can often take away from other tasks at hand.

Either way, ensuring that transparency exists between both parties should be established before any work is done on the social media sites so that everyone knows what is expected of them during this project timeline – including cost expectations!

The most important thing to consider when making an outsourcing decision is what kind of outcome and level of involvement do you expect from yourself versus your service provider? That way, you can make the best decision for your company’s individual needs for managing your digital presence effectively via outsourcing social media experts.

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Questions to Consider Internally Before You Work With an Outside Marketing Agency

Deciding which level of control you’re comfortable handing over is vital for success. Here are a few key things you may need to consider:

What exactly is the Role of the External Agency?

A successful social media outsourcing partnership begins with an understanding of the partner’s role. Define and agree on the goals, strategies, methods, responsibilities and timeline needed to meet your objectives. No matter how you define the relationship, be sure to discuss any pitfalls upfront.

A strategy document outlining roles and workflows would allow teams to focus energy more efficiently according to the defined job description of each role employed: creative strategizing versus production-driven tasks like scheduling posts using a content calendar, researching custom audiences for ad campaigns or curating influencer outreach strategies.

Clarify roles and responsibilities for each party to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal. Discuss how communication will occur between you and external social media marketing agency, including expected response times. Establishing clear expectations up front makes it easier to manage expectations along the way.

Outline the terms of payment in advance and make sure everyone is aware of what’s required regarding invoicing and payments.

Taking the time upfront to understand everyone’s goals and expectations will help build a strong partnership with your social media agency, setting both of you up for success!

Agreeing on goals, roles, responsibilities, and communication expectations is essential to creating a successful relationship with your external social media marketing agency.

Who Will Oversee Social Media Marketing Internally?

To ensure success in managing a company’s social media account, it is important to identify an individual or team who will oversee the social media marketing internally. That company employee or team will also be the point of contact with your external social media agency.

The internal team should be familiar with both the company’s goals and desired outcomes, as well as the external agency’s social media efforts. This will ensure that all parties are working together to create an effective business, social strategy that is tailored to the company’s needs. The internal team should also have a thorough understanding of social media interaction best practices, analytics, content creation and optimization so they can ensure that the external agency is adhering to the company’s goals.

How Much Input Will Your Company Have on Content?

For a successful partnership with an external social media specialist, it is important to provide as much input and direction as possible to create content that truly reflects your brand. This is true especially in the first few months of the beginning of the hand-off. Provide key information about your business profile, such as target audience, company ethos and goals for the campaign, and any specific ideas or suggestions you may have.

The more input you provide, the better your social media specialist will tailor content to meet your needs. You should also discuss how often you want to review and approve compelling content before it is posted. This will ensure that all posts are in line with your brand’s values and objectives.

Define any specific rules or guidelines for handling customer inquiries, requests, or comments that may arise during the social media advertising campaign.

Stakeholders must understand the limitations in terms of sales deadlines or promotional activities when it comes time for implementation into marketing strategies or campaigns. It’s essential that these dates are communicated properly, so there are no surprises during launch phases which could cause delays or other issues further down the road.

Working closely with an external specialized social media agency can make a significant difference in achieving lasting partnership success regarding social media content creation projects!

Through mindful input and clear direction in the early stages of a partnership, you can create content that reflects your brand identity and communicates its unique value – ensuring success for the entire venture.

How Will Collaboration With An External Social Media Agency Take Place?

An important factor when outsourcing social media is how collaboration with the remote specialist occurs. Collaboration should be a two-way street and both parties should have ownership of the goals and objectives.

Communication is essential to ensure success in any collaboration. Having a well-crafted plan of communication expectations, timelines and processes between your in-house team and the outside social media agency outsourced specialist will keep everyone on the same page while providing clarity on goals and objectives.

Regular meetings can happen via video conference or phone calls for further discussion on topics relevant to the project at hand. This helps build trust for an ongoing relationship over time as achievements are accomplished and plans develop to meet changing customer needs.

Working together consistently results in increasingly efficient productivity over time while still providing fresh perspectives from each party involved.

Effective communication and collaboration are the keys that unlock a pathway to success; creating comprehensive plans for both in-house and outsourced specialists is an essential step for ensuring successful results.

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This is an invaluable outcome that leads directly back to your company’s bottom line objectives, like increased brand recognition metrics across social platforms leading ultimately towards higher sales conversions offline.

It is worth mentioning that some agencies may already have a communication protocol in place already.

Having a clear and concise plan in place is key to successful collaboration between your internal team and the outside social media specialist. It is important to establish expectations upfront, such as turnaround times on content requests, communication preferences, and how feedback will be handled. This will help keep everyone on the same page and ensure that the project moves along efficiently.

For projects that require more creative control, such as creating graphics or videos, it is best to have a more detailed process in place that outlines the specific steps required for each task. This will help ensure that the right resources are available and that deadlines are met for your company’s goals.

Overall, you have control over how much input you provide and what you expect from your external social media specialist. As long as you provide clear expectations and boundaries up front, you can be confident that your outsourced campaign will be successful.

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Tips for Making Collaborative Work with an External Social Media Agency More Effective

Outsourcing social media can be a great way to free up time and resources, but it’s important to make sure you have the right processes in place for success.

Here are some tips for making your outsourcing process more effective:

Set Clear Expectations

Before you work with an outsourced specialist, make sure you clearly understand what is expected from both parties. Having a clear and concise plan in place is key to successful collaboration between your internal team and the outside social media specialist.

It is important to establish expectations upfront, such as:

  • turnaround times on content requests,
  • communication preferences, and
  • how feedback will be handled

This will help keep everyone on the same page and ensure that the project moves along efficiently.

For projects that require more creative control, such as creating graphics or videos, it is best to have a more detailed process in place that outlines the specific steps required for each task. This will help ensure that the right resources are available and that deadlines are met.

Monitor Regularly

It’s essential to monitor your social media activity regularly after outsourcing it.

Doing so enables you to ensure readily that the specialist or agency is staying in line with your expectations and objectives. It allows you to double-check that all the content ideas being posted are aligned with your business values and goals.

Having regular monitoring sessions also helps you identify potential improvements or changes that can be made. You can check if the strategies implemented are appropriate and assess whether different tactics might work better for gaining more engagement and exposure.

In order to make the most of your social media specialist or agency, it’s important to evaluate their progress at regular intervals. Ensure that they’re meeting your standards and trust them with coming up with ideas about growth-driving solutions for enhancing exposure and success online.

Trust and evaluation are the foundations of partnership – with regular intervals to assess progress, we can unlock the social media specialist or agency’s full potential with ideas that drive our success.

Keep Structures for Quality Control

Successful outsourcing of content marketing services requires an effective quality control framework. This sets expectations around accuracy, consistency, and trustworthiness. Quality assurance should be applied at each level of the process to ensure that content is appropriate and serves the business’s brand.

This may include rubrics for:

  • fact checking,
  • keyword identification,
  • style guide adherence,
  • legal compliance,
  • and so many more

Establishing systems such as automated alerts or spot checks when content is posted are key ways to assess quality and deliver messages that reflect an organization’s core values.

Implementing administrative processes can also help support quality control efforts by providing clear frameworks for oversight and feedback, as well as documenting decisions or changes that have been made because of receiving feedback or conducting tests/trials in advance before going live.

Taking these steps towards quality control can make a vast difference in building loyal relationships between brands and their customers.

Partner with the Right Social Media Agency

It’s important to remember that you can still have ample control and influence over your social media campaigns, even when the content is outsourced. With a strong relationship with your service provider, mutual understanding of expectations and goals, and regular communication with them, you ensure that your brand is represented in the best possible way.

Successful outsourcing partnerships rarely happen overnight; sustained effort is needed from both parties in order for it to work effectively. Take the time to find the right agency or individual who can bring out the best in your social media strategy so that it can truly impact your business.

For companies that are looking to take control of their budget and maximize their social media ROI, our outsourced social media management services provide expertise and support to help enhance your online presence. With our creative strategies and hands-on approach, our team will create an effective social media plan tailored to fit your business objectives.


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How much control do you have when turning to an outside marketing agency for social media?

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