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Edited on May 12, 2022 to reflect the latest information of each of the social media media network listed.

How to grow your social media network should be one of your main goals. To do that you have to develop an engaging community.

To arrive to that , you will need more followers/fans.

And to get to that, you have to get noticed first.

The reality for every social business is this: you are just one of the many brands out there.

It doesn’t even matter if you are a brick and mortar business or you do everything online. It is a challenging task. To put that in perspective, here are some  facts:

  • Twitter:  330 million monthlyactive users
  • Facebook: 2.93 billion monthly active users
  • Pinterest: 433 million monthly active users
  • Google+: 343M active users (per data I gathered)

Everyone is out there clamoring to get noticed too like you do.

With that in mind, how do you get other businesses in social media to notice you?

How do you get their attention to so you get your companyget “liked”or “followed” by those that matter to you.

Be different. Do the uncommon social media tactics

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How to Grow Your Social Media Network | Tips to Stand Out 4

Here are creative actionable tips to grow your social media presence 

Note: This not exhaustive but could help you get started on how your business engages and communicates in social media.

How to make your business stand out on Twitter

Friday is the noisiest day on Twitter digitally because of #FF.

What is #FF?

It stands for Follow Friday.

It has a derivative hashtag that looks like this >> #FollowFriday <<.

It’s a day when Tweeple (Twitter-talk here) recommend to others the friends that they follow.

Common: #FF @QBCX @QWES @AADDC @abcd;j; @jkc.dd

Uncommon: Here is an example of one that caught my attention:

An example of a Twitter #FF shout out that stands out.

Only a few do that type of #FF shout out.

And I am proud to say that we’re one of the few.

The uncommon #FF shout-out takes time to create as you can see and only focuses on one account but it is of more value to the Tweeter that is the recipient of the shout out and to the Tweeple that see it.

They know you took time.This particular person got a follow and a thank you shout out back from me.

How to make your business stand out on Facebook

Common: Using a company page, you “like” a page.

Uncommon: Post a note on the  timeline of the page you just liked to let them know that you’ve stopped by. The other option is to leave a comment to one of their posts.
When you liked a page with your Facebook page, it doesn’t show on the page’s notifications feed. So, the page you just liked will never know that you liked them; unless they go and check the “Likes” of their Facebook page manually. I don’t know about you but I only occasionally check that section of the dashboard though because we prioritize those that are actively engaging with the pages we manage.

How to make your business stand out on Pinterest

Common: Pinning a pin to your boards. Like a pin.

Uncommon: Write a comment. I do not spend much time on Pinterest but the comment that a brand left on one of my pins asking me if they could join the “Blogging and Content Marketing” community board that I created got my attention.

Very uncommon: Don’t just pin an image to your post; Also, write helpful comments in the description section.  Why is this important?  Your comment stays there and gets passed along as it gets repinned.

Think: Brand exposure!

How to make your business stand out on GooglePlus

Common: Circle brands and people. That’s it.
Uncommon: Say hello.

What do you do to grow your social network? Your turn!

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