Facebook Pixel Code: Why you need it and set-up tips for remarketing | A Facebook Ad Tutorial
facebook pixel code
Facebook Pixel Code: Why you need it and set-up tips for remarketing | A Facebook Ad Tutorial 8

How does Facebook advertising work? It’s a great question that can have a simple, yet complex answer, the key is in the Facebook pixel code.

To put it simply, the Facebook pixel code is a small piece of code that you add to your website to track the activity on that site and then use that data to help grow your business.

We’ll dive deeper into the details of the Facebook pixel code, why you need it and how to set-up for Facebook remarketing.

But first…

What is the Facebook Pixel Code?

Facebook pixel is a piece of code that can help manufacturers, tech companies and B2Bs re-target people who visited your website and can help your company re-market to your custom audiences later for your future social media marketing advertising campaigns

 It is a unique advertising identifier for your business page.

You can get this pixel code snippet right within the Facebook ads JavaScript code that is generated by a Facebook-generated pixel code snippet that must be installed on your website if you use Facebook advertising to market to your business.

You can have a website without the Facebook pixel code, but you can’t use the pixel code without a website if you are going to run Facebook advertising campaigns. 

The Facebook ad tracking code is free. 

You can get it from your Facebook advertising account with the click of a button.

Why Install the Facebook pixel tracking code?

Many advertising agencies and small businesses are using Facebook’s pixel code to create custom audiences to advertise to people who have already shown interest to their product/service.

For example, when you track your website visitors with the Facebook pixel, Facebook uses this information to show your ads to people who have already visited your website. This way you can convert more of your website visitors into customers.

It is a handy tool if Facebook advertising is part of your sales strategy, whether you are selling a product or a service:

Benefits of using the Facebook pixel tracking code

  1. Create custom audiences for conversions.
    These are people who may have already engaged with your brand – when they clicked your link or viewed any of your videos, replied to a post. This type of audience is a “warm” audience that you can re-target for user conversions.
    You case this up using the information from your Facebook pixel code.
  2. Get better ROI for relevant ads.
    This is true for a well-documented and well-planned advertising campaign. With the Facebook pixel code, you can monitor the ads that are performing well and turn off the ones that are under-performing by tracking your Facebook ad success metric.
  3. With #2 taken care of, save marketing advertising dollar.
    With the metrics or data you gather from the Facebook pixel code, you can execute informed and better ads split-testing or campaigns..

Setting up the Facebook Pixel code for remarketing | Guide

The only downside to using the Facebook Pixel is you need It takes only a few minutes to configure and once it’s installed, you can use the Facebook pixel any time you want to start running Facebook Ads


…you install the Facebook tracking pixel
  • Can you access the business website? If not, then wait until you have a way to get access to your website.
  • Are you in front of your computer, not a mobile device? You need to be in front of your computer for a seamless installation of the Facebook tracking code.
  • Do you understand basic web coding/language? You can use a plugin for this if you are a WordPress user. If not, your other option is this: send it to your web developer for installation.


…the installation of the Facebook pixel code
facebook marketing pixel
Facebook Advertising tools
  1. Go to your Facebook Ads Manager “Dashboard.” The shortcut for that is this: https://www.facebook.com/adsmanager/.
  2. Click, “All tools.”
  3. Under “Measure and report,” select “Pixels” in Events Manager.
  4. Click set up pixel – you will have three choices:
    • a) Use an Integration or Tag Manager – connect your e-commerce, website platform or tag management partner account to Facebook and access the advertising and measurement benefits of the Facebook pixel.
    • Manually install the code yourself. Choose this if you have a basic understanding of the HTML code or you have a plugin, for WordPress website users.
    • Email instructions to a developer. Choose this if you do not wish to install the pixel code for fear “breaking it.”
  5. Assuming you chose the second option above, which is the manual installation copy the entire pixel code. It should look like this:Facebook pixel code
  6. Paste the code to your website header. Just follow the directions provided by Facebook. It is the same place where your website developer will install it.


…the installation of the Facebook pixel code
  1. Test if your pixel code installed correctly using the Facebook Pixel code extension for Chrome.
Facebook Pixel remarketing tracking code
Image by: Facebook Pixel helper
  • Plan your ad. Determine beforehand your key performance indicator (KPI). It is the Facebook advertising success metric that you will measure to determine how well an ad is going. It can be CTR (click-through rate), CPE (cost per engagement), clicks to your website, purchases, sign-ups. Your KPI will help decide the type of ad that your company is going to run.
  • Start monitoring ROI of your Facebook ads for remarketing.
  • Document what you are doing for reference and for benchmarking.

Facebook audience remarketing tips

Once you have verified that your Facebook pixel code has been installed correctly, you can retarget people who have interacted with your Facebook business page.

These may those who have viewed your video, visited your landing page, set up a schedule with you and more!

Their recent interactions with your Facebook business page qualify them as your warm audience.

These could be your existing customers and potential customers.

And we know that a warm audience is the audience that is more likely to convert.

Hence, they are the best ones to retarget for a better conversion rate.

On Facebook, you can create different custom audiences of your warm audience by:

  • Engagement
  • Website Traffic
  • Customer File
  • Offline Activity
  • App activity
Custom Audiences for Remarketing

It’s a Wrap!

The Facebook tracking pixel is a valuable tool for B2B businesses owners and any company – big or small. 

It provides your marketing team a more precise data in terms of conversion rates; and set up custom audiences based on site traffic for remarketing.
These are magnificent, exceptionally valuable benefits, who doesn‘t want it?
Need a hand getting your Facebook ad set up for remarketing? Let us know!

Facebook pixel code benefits
Facebook Pixel Code: Why you need it and set-up tips for remarketing | A Facebook Ad Tutorial 9

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