How to check if the Facebook business page in your profile is clickable?

This quick tip is a follow-up for  tip #6 of the blog on doing Facebook social engagement the right way.
Have you checked if your Facebook business page link in your Facebook profile is clickable when your friends and followers visit your timeline? This is basically what this quick tip is about.

How to verify if it is:

  1.  Click the gear icon. It is right side of your Facebook profile cover page; then select, “View as…” in the drop down.
  2. Click  “View as Specific Person” and type name of your Facebook friend. You will now see how your Facebook timeline will appear to that friend (and your other friends).
  3. If you have entered your work information correctly, the Facebook page which is the active hyperlink should be blue. If it’s gray, then correct your entry.

Note: The example in #3 is only if you are managing just 1 page. 
You cannot use your Facebook profile for business but you can optimize it. Be everywhere where possible and relevant.
I hope this helps. Feel free to call or email if you need help fixing yours.

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