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50+ tips to repurpose content and exponentially grow its value 4

You don’t have enough time (who does!), and you are practically running out of ideas on what contents to create, and share.

What to do???!!!

“Repurpose content that YOU already have.”

Repurpose content that YOU already have. 

Repurposing your owned media should be part of your content marketing strategy!

This article will tackle two popular forms of content – text (in the form of a blog) and visual.

You already spent time creating them so why stop there – with just one post?
Recreate them in different formats that are contextual to your audience and the platform they use.

Here are the reasons why it is beneficial to you.

5 Reasons you should repurpose content

Whether you are repurposing a visual-content-to-text or text-to-visual, it sure does come with benefits.

  1. Repurposed content gives your OLD evergreen content a FRESH lease of life.
    You bring it to the fore once again. It is also a perfect reminder to those who missed it the first time you posted it.
  2. Repurposed content EXTENDS the life of your new content.
  3. Repurposed content gets you additional inbound traffic to your site.  Need I say more? 🙂
  4. Repurposed content could bring in a NEW set of audience.
    Many people are visual. Perhaps the text content just whizzed by their newsfeed so tailor your content to the context of that different group of audience.
  5. Repurposed content saves you a tremendous amount of time.
    You don’t have to rummage for contents elsewhere to share on social media. Recreate what you already have in different formats.

Types of content you can repurpose

There is no right or wrong way to repurpose content.

Here are some ideas.

  • Find your top performing blogs or posts.
    The easiest way for you to check this is to go to your Google analytics. Look for your top articles that are driving traffic to your site. You can use those as your base topics when repurposing content.
  • Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook have a feature embedded in its analytics that tells you which posts are performing well. You know where, or how, to find that, right? You just need to decide what KPI (key performance indicator) to use for this matter.
  • Make it thematic. Example: group together tips that you already shared that cater to a particular target audience, that is, if you cover several target audience.

There are so many ways to cook YOUR content into different formats!
Here are some.

20 Ideas to Repurpose Textual Content 

As an inbound marketer, I always like to begin here:  a company’s business blog.

That is assuming you have been regularly sharing articles that are helpful and relevant to your audience.

I can’t just stress enough what I just said there.

So, how do you repurpose your blog? Here are tips:

  1. Turn your blog into snackable tips in text format.
  2. Turn snackable texts tips into visual posts for social media.
  3. Install “click to tweet” in your article.
  4. Determine your top performing articles, create a list. Share it on LinkedIn or elsewhere.
  5. Share to your email subscribers your top blog posts.
  6. Create a video of your top blog article. Describe it and provide a link.
  7. If you are hosting a Twitter chat, use your blog post as your topic for the chat.
  8. Convert your tips into an infographic if you can.
  9. Create a video to introduce your new blog. Don’t forget the link to that blog!
  10. Grab a list of your site’s most shared tips for sharing on social (like the one below).
    top tips readers choice
  11. Convert a popular post, the one that brings a lot of inbound traffic, into an eBook.
  12. Convert a high traffic blog into an email content.
  13. Create gif posts out of your blog. You can use the visual images you may have already created as well.
  14. Create a “Collection” on Google of your top visual posts and reshare it elsewhere.
  15. Grab just a section of your blog article that is helpful then publish it on Pulse, Facebook’s Instant Articles, or anywhere else.
  16. Create a checklist, if applicable.
  17. Create sound bites of some tips from your blog and post it elsewhere.
  18. Write to your email subscribers about your new blog and let them know why it is valuable to them so they’d read.
  19. Convert your blog post into a podcast.
  20. If you have written a series, convert it to an eBook.

34 Ideas to Repurpose VISUAL Content 

There are many ways to repurpose content that is visual. These are just a few.

  1. You can, on Instagram, create a series of images on a similar theme and post it there.
  2. Create digital albums for your images and share that album’s link elsewhere. Also, Google has collections as an alternative to this.
  3. Alternatively, for #2, you create slide decks for those images from your album right on Facebook.
  4. Convert a tip into a gif. That file format works well in Google+.
  5. Create an infographic of the tips you already shared elsewhere and post it.
  6. If your infographic is divided into sections, slice a section of that infographic to highlight it and post it to other social media platforms.
  7. Create a slideshow of all those tips you already have shared.
  8. Gather up all your top engaging image tips and put them into one blog and point them back to the blog sources, if traffic is a KPI; or right back to the social media URL if engagement is a KPI.
  9. Create a blog post about your top engaging images – and present the statistics as proof.
  10. Send #9 as an email. However, note that how the images appear in an email will depend on the user’s settings sometimes.
  11. Embed your post either from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ or other platforms to a blog and if it is in context.
  12. Convert your PowerPoint into single snackable image posts.
  13. Turn your PowerPoint into a video.
  14. Grab a section of your video and use it as a single image post.
  15. Turn your video into a blog content if you haven’t done that yet.
  16. Highlight a major section of your webinar and use an image of that presentation in an email to those who did not sign up and tell them why they should attend it the next time.
  17. Share your full webinar link to those who attended it.
  18. Slice your webinar into short videos.
  19. Upload your webinar to YouTube and share away.
  20. Create a channel on Youtube and share that channel to your followers.
  21. Appear on FB Live and introduce your top blog, what it is about and why people should read it.
  22. Use your blog as your topic or FB live.
  23. Download FB live and upload it to YouTube.
  24. Create a video of your top 10 posts and show the number of shares and the links as social proof.
  25. Turn Snapchat posts into a video and upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms that allow video post.
  26. Download your FB live event then upload it to your YouTube channel or elsewhere.
  27. Showcase your helpful videos on your LinkedIn profile.Convert a PowerPoint slide into a solo image for posting on social
  28. Embed your video on your website or a blog.
  29. Create moments on Twitter of your top image posts.
  30. Convert your infographic into a slide deck.
  31. Convert your slide deck into an infographic.
  32. Using tools, like Skitch, grab a section of your blog and share it as an image.
  33. Turn your PowerPoint into an infographic.
  34. Facebook has a video library link, share to your other profiles.

Check out our FB video library. It contains some animated social media tips:

— rubyrusine (@SocialSMktg) March 15, 2017

It’s a wrap!

There you have it.

These are some of the ideas to repurpose content you own.
Does your content marketing strategy include repurposing content?

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