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Google Ranking Factors | Focus on Social Signals

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We agreed during our last Social Media meetup that we will go over some of Google’s current ranking factors for our upcoming El Dorado Hills Social Media Meetup! We will focus on the ranking factors that any DIY-er can implement without paying for an expert to do it for them.

What to Expect?

We are a small and friendly group; so, don’t expect a large group that you may be used to. It is made up of small businesses in El Dorado  Hills, Placerville, Rancho Cordova and Folsom.  Like you, they also wanted to learn how this internet-and-social-media-marketing-thing could work for their business. Walk away with knowledge that you can implement beside having new friends. This event is primarily for networking and learning. You will be given time to introduce your self and what you do; I do not encourage pitching products, wares and services (even mine).

If you are wondering what the social signals are to be on Google’s  good side, join THIS meetup that is happening on first Thursday of February 5.

Note: We meet every first Thursday of the month.

If you are in the area follow the hashtag  #EDHSoMe for social-media-related events in El Dorado Hills. I just started using the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter but you will see more of it showing up in other platforms.

If you want to sign up to our Google Ranking Factors meetup, please RSVP at #EDHSoMe meetup page.

Cheers and looking forward to see you at our El Dorado Hills Social Media Meetup on February, 5, 2015.

Your Host,
Social Media Consultant for Start-Ups
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