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Social Media Content Challenge | #30DaysofSoMe

social media content challenge

The social media content challenge is open to all small businesses, and start-ups; also,  to anyone in other parts of the world. Hey, this is the interwebs where the boundary is just the computer screen, right? 

If you are already in any social media platform and are actively posting at least once a day, I am certain that you can pull this off.

Don’t get stuck with just one type of social media content!  There are many different types of content that you can create to get the audience engaged with your brand.

This social media content challenge starts on March 2.

Schedule, calendar and guidelines  are all below.

March Daily Social Media Content Challenge

March 2: Take a picture of your workspace
March 3: Answer a question
March 4: Invite others to follow you
March 5: Share something popular
March 6: Ask your audience to caption an image
March 7: Post a fill in the blank
March 8: Share something about a community event you’re looking forward to
March 9: Share something funny
March 10: Share your story
March 11: Share someone else’s content
March 12: Share a TBT (Throw Back Thursday or #TBT)
March 13: Post something personal
March 14: Share some inspiration
March 15: Highlight a customer of the month
March 16: Share something about an event that you recently attended
March 17: Share an attention grabbing statistic
March 18: Ask your audience a multiple choice question
March 19: Create a video featuring people or something about your business
March 20: Do a repeat of a post that worked well
March 21: Share your latest newsletter or blog or announcement
March 22: Link to an infographic you think your audience will enjoy
March 23: Edit and share an image
March 24: Correct a misconception that relates to your industry
March 25: Share your favorite books or something that’s on your reading list
March 26: Give a shout out to another business or organization
March 27: Show off your expertise with a helpful tip
March 28: Post something in celebration of a company milestone, birthday, or little-known holiday
March 29: Cross promote your social channels
March 30: Ask people to join your mailing list
March 31: Thank your customers for their support

Guidelines to join the Social Media Content Challenge

  1. This is for social businesses only, not personal social media accounts.
  2. Notify me [Ruby] if you would like to join the #30DaysofSoMe Challenge. You may email me at ruby[@]
  3. You need at least two social media accounts to participate. One must be GooglePlus. You will receive an invitation to the Google+ community once I hear from you. The group is exclusive only to participants.
  4. Share in the GooglePlus community the link to the social media content that you created for the day.
  5. Saturdays and Sundays are optional.  I am a firm believer of resting the mind to stay healthy and productive.
  6. Not a requirement but I highly recommend participants to go and visit links shared by others. That is, as long as links do not have registration wall (requiring email address and other info). I believe that will help build community.
  7. When posting in other platforms, please tag the content with this hashtag: #30DaysofSoMe.

Inspiration about this social media content challenge is from ConstantContact. Just click the link to their site for more info. Join us!