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Maximize Your Investment with Our B2B Social Media Solutions for Small to Medium Businesses in Manufacturing, Technology, and Construction. 

Elevate customer loyalty levels as well as conversions without breaking the bank.

Tap into the power of social media marketing services crafted by our team of experts and gain measurable returns on your investment—no matter how big or small your business is!

Harness our thoughtfully designed strategies tailored precisely to meet the needs of manufacturing, technology, and construction businesses like yours.

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Focus on your business;
Leave your social media to us.

Social Success Marketing can be your partner for navigating the complexities of social media marketing. With ourhelp, you can ensure that your social media strategy is pointed in the right direction, that campaigns are well executed and properly tracked, and that you grow with each and every result. Developing your online presence and expanding your reach is made possible with a dedicated social media manager at the helm.

From Twitter and LinkedIn to Pinterest, Instagram, Google Business, Facebook (and beyond!), every business is presented with the opportunity to utilize social media platforms for growth.

Yet despite vast adoption of these channels by companies across industries, effective management–the kind that produces positive results–is often overlooked or underutilized.

That’s where Social Success Marketing steps in!

Our mission is simple: Help you thrive online by emphasizing what makes your brand unique.

We turn mundane messages into memorable captions using language tailored specifically toward connecting with prospective clients or customers on a deeper level while amplifying the reach of your company.

You will find that no matter how large or small a venture may be, our team utilizes strategies and tactics specifically for each account – amplifying your brand message whilst working hard to grow your business and help your sales team generate leads day after day.

Reap the rewards of a digital transformation and supercharge your business process with custom-crafted social media solutions tailored for companies in manufacturing, technology and construction industries.

Our full spectrum of packages enables you to create captivating content that drives ROI, augments brand equity and delivers on customer expectations–allowing you to fulfil your potential and take things up a notch! 

Crafted exclusively for your organization’s particularities (budget/resources), our comprehensive management suite not only guides campaigns but also offers real-time tracking so as to keep pace with ever-evolving customers’ needs.

From setting up bespoke strategies through monitoring conversations all the way to launching ads – we make sure no stone is left unturned in delivering an effective online presence while reaching more prospects than ever before!

Your service plan can be altered contingent upon resource investment objectives —so don’t hesitate—revitalize what’s possible today via creative marketing methods backed by topnotch strategy implementation!.

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benefit-Packed B2B social media management packages

Increase leads and sales

Your dedicated social media specialist will help you boost traffic to your website using optimized posts with appropriate CTAs to help you drive leads and sales.

community management

Your dedicated social media manager will help you build and engage your community, so you can create meaningful relationships with your customers.

content creation

Your dedicated social media manager will help you create content that resonates with your desired audience and helps you achieve your business goals.

save money on benefits & training

With our outsourced social media services, you can save your company’s money on employees’ benefits, insurance, training and other overhead costs. We have regular training in-house for our team members.

improve SEO results with Social Media Optimization

Using the search engine optimization (SEO) technique, your social media manager will create posts that are optimized so your post could potentially appear on search engine results.

social media analytics and reporting of KPI

Your social media manager will help track and report on progress to show the ROI of your social media marketing and to see what’s working and what’s not in your social media plan

How we strategize for your success

Planning Phase

The social media planning process includes an initial interview with your company or your representative. It is by phone or video call. The interview process takes 2 hours, maximum. Alternatively, you can fill out the “interview” form at your own pace.

We will use your answers as the starting point and foundation for our research and as our guide as we develop a custom/bespoke social media content strategy and campaign management plan for your company.

We will develop a detailed social media strategy document based on the information gathered during the interview. This takes 3-4 weeks because research takes time. And then we submit it to you for review and approval.

The final deliverable includes research information, a custom social media plan for implementation and recommendations for every platform.

Implementation Phase

We will implement the approved plan outlined in the social media strategy document. Here’s a few of the many tasks involved in what we do as your social media managers:

  • Publish content
  • Content creation
  • Research
  • Engage
  • Regularly track/monitor insights
  • Admin/Organize tasks & calendar
  • Introductory social medipost ads
  • Community building
  • Watch daily trending topics

On-going data tracking

This is the core of what we do.

We will track and analyze your success metrics and see how it stacks up against your goal so we can improve upon what we are doing on your behalf to help you succeed.

We will also look at recent changes on social media platforms to see how that can affect your brand. We do this every month, so depending on what is happening, we may change social media tactics to achieve your goals.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is “pay to play.” We can only do so much with our organic posts. So, this is a required part of our social media content management service.

Your social media manager will pick the best performing content that will help you get seen more by your target audience and customers. This campaign is expandable. Meaning, that you can use the data we gather and use it for your lead-gen initiatives.

All metrics for this are on social media. We will only track relevant KPI for your team.

Full service Social Media Content management packages

From content creation to engagement to growing your social media presence.

We’ll help you create and execute a social media strategy that works for your business.
From identifying your audience to creating content that resonates to analyzing your results,
we’ll make sure your social media is working for you.

Simple prices, flexible options, & nothing hidden.

Grow your online presence with our social media packages, starting at just $1,499 USD monthly investment (includes boosted post budget)

The lowest package starts at $1399 (standard social media management includes the required boosted post budget) monthly. Simple prices, flexible options, no contract & nothing hidden.

  • Recommended: SEO-ready blog (800-1,000 words, if you are not publishing, monthly blog regularly – $129 USD monthly
  • Optional: Weekly consultation or weekly ad/boosted post updates or contest posts only $299 USD monthly
  • Optional: Contest plan, set up and monitoring of contest $99 per contest.
  • Daily monitoring of boosted posts/ads and contest engagement $129 per ad/contest
//TAsks not included in the standard social media plan

recommendation & Add-Ons.

Take an in-depth look at our social media package deliverables and see how we help B2B companies bring your products and services closer to your customers. The level and types of services are all based on your business realities – your goals and your budget.

Social media channels:

Which one works best for your company?

The best social media platforms for your business are the ones that provide the most benefit for your company. With our social media services, launch a campaign on the following established platforms to build presence and followers for your B2B company.

Social media metrics that we track

Social media metrics are great when tracking and analyzing tasks and changes made on your social media strategy. Here are some of the success metrics that your social media specialist typically monitors.

Audience Engagement

Look for reactions, comments, clicks & shares.

As your social media manager monitors your audience engagement, we can strategically re-engage with the right audience via re-targeting. 

Brand Awareness

In order to be successful in social media marketing, it is paramount to raise brand awareness amongst your target audience. To measure progress in this endeavor, we track brand awareness metrics to gauge the effectiveness of our efforts.

Inbound Traffic Metrics

Utilizing inbound metrics allows us to identify the most appropriate content to bring your product/service to the attention of your target audience, encouraging them to take action. Should they express interest, further engagement can take place through social media.

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A website is the gateway to optimal online engagement. Thus, for us to properly serve you in our areas of expertise, we need to ensure that your business has a website that consistently shares content to its audience. Unfortunately, this criteria is not met and we must regretfully pass on the opportunity to assist.

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