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Sponsor a B2B blog post to get a link back to your post

There are two ways to do this:

Paid blog

Our blogs are informative and high-quality resources for our business readers seeking the latest news, tips and trends in the marketing industry covering the business-to-business field, specifically manufacturing, construction and technology.

How it works.

The paid B2B blog you submit must pass our quality standard.

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Blog Sponsor’s Guide.

Our audience is the B2B space covering manufacturers, technology companies and the like. As businesses, they are always looking for helpful tips and recommendations on how to best use social media and digital marketing for their business-to-business company to make their company thrive online.

The more hyper-focused to a target audience your topic is, the more helpful it is going to be for our readers–and the likelihood of it getting accepted for blog sponsorship will be high.

The blog you wish to submit for sponsorship should be about social media and digital marketing for B2B companies:

  • Social media advertising
  • Social Selling 
  • Facebook marketing
  • Instagram marketing
  • Pinterest marketing
  • Digital content marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Google Business Profile

Paid blog submission requirements:

We have some guidelines to help with the submission process. 

  • Word Count: We prefer a minimum of 1,300-word blog or longer that is descriptive and provides value to the audience.
  • Must have no less than 5 tips for our B2B audience. Our solution is value-based, so offering valuable expert advice is key. 
  • You are not a competitor. Meaning that you do not sell products and services that we also sell. Alternatively, and as goodwill, we will not feature a competing company on the blog or content you are sponsoring, so it is all yours.
  • Tone: We are a positive team, so a helpful and conversational tone can go a long way. Professionalism is a must. 
  • Original Content: We post only original content that has been written for Social Success Marketing. We understand that you may have content that you want to repurpose; you can take a repurposed post and then make it newer for the social media audience. It must also be plagiarism free.
  • Relevant Personalized Content: As stated earlier, a content that is relevant to a specific business audience (specific manufacturing and technology spaces) will be accepted. Posts irrelevant to our audience will not be posted. 
  • Author Bio: We look for an author bio of 50 words or fewer to help our audience understand your expertise. 
  • Post will be marked as sponsored.
  • SEO Ready: All posts must be SEO-ready. Please provide one key phrase for each topic when pitching content you want to sponsor. Posts that are not SEO-ready will be rejected.
  • Social Media Linking: We will post the blog on our social media sites, including Facebook, Google My Business, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. And reshare it as if it is our own. If you share it and mention or tag Social Success Marketing, we can easily find the post and also contribute to driving traffic and engagement to you by resharing it on our end.
  • Images: We ask that you send between 3-4 images along with the post. The image must be one that you originally developed, created, shot, or that you have the permission to use (giving credit to the source). 
  • Hyperlinks: We only allow one relevant (do-follow sponsored) link back within a post. We vet all links. Also, after the fact, we review all sponsored links to ascertain integrity, and we reserve the right to remove the link if the landing page content has been altered drastically and/or redirected to another URL.

Tips for a Better Post

  • Please use only 1 space at the end of a sentence.
  • You may include up to one back link. 
  • Lists, tips or numbered posts do well. 
  • How-to tips are also valuable. 
  • Promoting another Social Success Marketing competitor will not be featured on the Social Success Marketing blog. 
  • Include a call to action. 
  • Share your post with your friends, colleagues, and others.  
  • Submissions. Please submit your full post with title, bio, and photo in an email to
  • Use a Word document to craft your title, post and bio. 
  • The post will be reviewed within two weeks from the date of submission. We return the post to you if it is not up to our guidelines, or if the tips are questionable.
  • If approved, we will notify you of the scheduled post-date and then also send you a link to the post when it goes live. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Transparency is very important for us. So, we have always been transparent to our audience if a post is not written by anyone from our team. Also, we will disclose, with a note, that it is a sponsored link.

Our schedule is every other Tuesday of the month. So, your post, once approved, will be queued up. First-come; first-served.

$175 USD per blog submission, or link insertion.

Your payment information is very safe. Stripe is our payment gateway. We do not get your payment information. The only details we receive from Stripe are your email and that you paid.

Ready to submit a sponsored blog?

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