15 daunting challenges startups founder face

So you want to build a business startup? Do you know what startup founders face?
Taking the leap? Are you sure?
Do you KNOW what it takes?
Do you REALLY know what it takes?
Wait…maybe YOU have made the leap already but did you know that you are going to be up against THESE truths?
I started my social media business around four years ago.
Although the particulars and extent of your experience compared to mine may not be the same, the struggles are the same, and as real.
I posted a joke on social media when I had an 8-5 job that I will have a lot of time in my hands when I own a business and that I will be able to go often & see a movie.  The truth is that I could only count on one hand the number of times I saw a movie.
Also, I stopped working an 8-5 hour job; however, I work 8 hours minimum now. <laughs>
There have been many occasions when I felt like wanting to fold when I look at the internet landscape, but I did not.  Well…not yet!
For me, the key question has always been, “Why do I have to this again???!!” Honestly, there is a lot of self-pep talks that happen here.
I came across Chris Heivly‘s article on Inc.com.
I have been nodding my head in agreement as I checked off these truths that Chris graciously gave me permission to use in this infographic.
If there is anyone that should know this topic better, it is Chris.
He has several startups under his belt. They are Mapquest, Capital 77, Rand McNally and The Startup Factory.
Go over these truths and let me know if you agree or not. Feel free to speak your mind!

Startup Founders Challenges | Infographic

Startup Founders Challenges InfographicSource: Chris Heivly, The Startup Factory via Inc.com

[Content first appeared on Social Success Marketing. It is written by Ruby with permission from Chris Heivly.  Should you want to use it please refer to our content use guidelines and policy.]

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