visual content marketing optimization tips to row engagement and conversation
Visual Content Marketing Optimization Tips to Grow Engagement and Conversion (B2B How to Tips)-Part 1

Editor’s Note: Updated on April 23, 2021.

These tips on visual content marketing optimization for social media and corporate blogging will be shared as a two-part series.

  • Part 1 is on why visual content marketing for business companies, whether you are in manufacturing, technology and the AEC industries, or a D2C industrial manufacturer. We will talk about tools that you can use and share some real tips from companies that are doing it right.
  • Part 2 is on how to optimize for search (engine) and experience (your audience).

Over the course of more than a decade in doing social selling for B2B companies, I have seen the transition of the types of contents that are being consumed online.

And the social media tools evolved as a response.

So here’s a cursory observation.

There was a time when text content was popular; thus, blogging was the rage. That was also because the cameras where no near as friendly as they are now nor were the media tools and applications.


Infographics came along.

But now.

Videos are the rage. 

Twitter responded. So at the time when we’re only allowed 140 characters in a tweet, Twitter allowed users to to add one image then later more. And now, video and GIFs.

Facebook has opened up its timeline for native videos. And it now wants more – and more of it to beat YouTube in the races.

Google+ Google My Business‘ photos prove to draw traffic from users.

No idea what the future is going to be like in terms of visual content marketing. Here’s a wild idea: a beamed training or conference at your remote office. Whyn not?

Anyway, wild idea aside, most of the transitions have been relative to the usage and consumption of visual contents.

Social media is just adapting. It’s just a tool.

But now here’s a thought, one would say, “… but, but my product is not sexy!”

The product or a service may not be visually appealing, but how you “deliver” it online is what makes it appealing; hence this blog on visual content marketing optimization.

The State of Visual Content

  1. Want people to read your content or catch their attention? A study by Xerox reveals that color gains readership by 80%.
    Source: here.

    Side note: There is a room for black and white but not all the time.
  2. We humans have a very efficient brain that can process visual information super fast. In our brain’s cortex are 30% of neurons (in the “hundreds of millions”) process visual information, then 8% for touch and 3% for hearing. Source: here.

    Side note: Your audience is visual. No. Doubt.
  3. In our studies back in high school and college, we were taught that humans in the Paleolithic age, carve stones and walls to convey a message.

    Side note: Tools have changed, for sure; but we are STILL the same visual people that we have always been.
  4. Consumers of your content are more likely to pay attention if an image contains detailed information that is relevant to them. Source, here.

    Side note: You can use those cat images as long as they are helpful.
  5. Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets, 89 more favorites, and 18% more clicks than those without. Source, here.

    Side Note: Include visual content in your marketing strategy.

Read the stats over again. Let the information sink in.

Let’s process that, shall we? Now, as a B2B company:

Do you want to get your message across FASTER (Point 2) to more audience (Point 1 )?

Do you like to get more shares/retweets, likes or +1’s (Points 4 and 5)?

Why is this essential?

For YOU to get MORE social referrals to your site and ULTIMATELY to get leads.

Visual contents are effective tools when used right.

Visual formats that your B2B company could use

  • Video
  • Infographic
  • Data/Graphs–There is so many info out there that you can repurpose.
  • GIFs
  • High quality and relatable photos-You can use your mobile devices to post a high-quality picture.
  • Screenshots–I use this often!

List of tools to create visual contents

I use a combination of free and paid tools.

I believe in paying for tools that make my life easier and my visual contents looking better because of the bells and whistles that come with it.

These tools are very easy to use.

Visual Content Optimization Tip: Less is more.

Video Tools List

  • Overpost App
  • Giphy
  • Powtoon
  • Camtasia
  • FaceTime
  • Google HangOut
  • inShot
  • inVideo
  • Animatron
  • Splice
  • Rippl
  • Premiere pro
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • iMovie
  • Filmora
  • Videorama
  • Wistia
  • GoAnimate

Images Tools List

A. Typography
  1. Skitch
  2. Overpost
  3. Get Stencil. My fave desktop app. Not an affiliate. I just happen to like it that they answer my questions and don’t just ignore it like some apps I have used. 😀
  4. Spark Post
  5. Photoshop Elements
  6. Microsoft PowerPoint
  7. SnagIt
  8. PicMonkey
  9. Easil
  10. Canva
B. Eye-catching photos
  1. iPhone, or any mobile device.
  2. Sony Rebel
  3. Fujifil x100D
  4. Canon 5D Mark iii

What to use visual content for

Like blogging, choose either of these content themes when crafting visual materials.

When cooking, I have one condiment that I can’t do without: it is salt. Use these content ideas as your “salt.”

  • Make it informative.
  • Make it empowering
  • Make it entertaining.
  • Make it relatable.

Alternatively, you may view the above as your evergreen content creation guide for all of your contents regardless of format.

List of Visual Content Types

So now you have the content themes as your guide, and you have tools that you can use.

What are examples of visual materials that you can create and post?

Here are some content inspirations that we have seen businesses used to put their message across:

  • Graph
  • Data
  • Cartoon strip
  • Team photo
  • Proofs to a claim
  • Team project video
  • Screenshot of your company homepage
  • Quick tutorial: how-to – image or video
  • Short or long infographic
  • Office photo or video
  • Slideshow of your products/services
  • Visual of your top employee or team of the month
  • Product sale
  • Contest
  • Video of a company event or show you attended
  • Before and after of a project
  • A company milestone
  • Important announcement
  • Inspiring quote
  • Feaured product or service
  • Coupon code
  • Top tips

Visual content marketing optimization ideas: How other businesses do it

How do companies rock visual content marketing optimization?

Tip 1: Don’t over filter, etc. your photos! I see too many food pics, etc. where the cucumber is a neon green!” ~ Tracy Phillips, Copywriter

Don't over filter, etc. your photos! I see too many food pics, etc. where the cucumber is a neon green! ~ @tracycopy, CopywriterClick To Tweet

Tip 2:Include content that is compelling but also relevant to the demographic. You want items that tweak interest and keep contacts and clients coming back for more because they trust you are in for more than just a cheap ‘one-off’ attention grabber.”  ~ Insurance Broker, Gifford Associates Insurance Brokers Ottawa

Tip 3: “Our advice would be to ensure every image is on brand. You can do this by using distinct fonts for the text on images, using one or two brand colors as accents, and by making your logo visible on the image. Doing these things to your visuals helps to make your posts instantly recognizable to your readers while being consistent and visually appealing.” ~ Financial Planning Company, Dragon Financial Group

Tip 4: Be sure to include a clear CTA within the image itself rather than relying on the text of the post to generate the desired reaction.” ~ Material Handling and Logistics, Starke Material Handling North America

Tip 5:Photos for every post. And keep it light.” ~ Amateur Film Producer, Elfenshot Films

Tip 6: You mean besides including Bacon, Kittens, and Puppies? 🙂 You nailed it with [this image]. Strong colors, interesting image (cloud heart) good use of white space, with a simple message inside – “Thank You” that stands out from the rest of the image. Any of these are good alone, but this image has them all.” ~ Rehab Treatment Center, InspireMalibu

Ready to optimize your visual contents?

Blog posts that are visually optimized make readers more likely to engage, retain and share your content. You can use rich media like video, infographics, images, and more to increase the effectiveness of your digital content messages.

Any visual content marketing optimization tips that you can add to get more shares, engagement, and conversion? Share now!

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