what to post on SaaS social media networks

Social media can get your SaaS business to where you want it to be.

It is a valuable marketing tool that can generate leads, increase brand recognition, and even grow sales.

It’s also a place where customers can share their thoughts on products or services.

More importantly, customers use social media to not only talk about their experience with the company but also to recommend the company to others.

The rise of social media has made it necessary for businesses, including technology and SaaS companies, to have a strong social media strategy

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What should you post on your SaaS social media networks? [29 examples] 14

Post to Connect for Business Growth

The success of turning your social media connection into a long-lasting relationship that brings revenue depends on how your SaaS company connects with your audience.

To connect with your audience, your SaaS social media marketing posts should be tailored around these two fundamental elements:

  • Include the problem you solve in your SaaS social media marketing posts using the terms that your customers and potential customers know (ditch the technical jargons)
  • How your SaaS can fix that problem (again, ditch the technical jargons)

Without a deep understanding of how you can weave these fundamental elements into your SaaS social media posts, it would be very difficult to bring in the right audience or generate a high ROI for any marketing strategy or content distribution for your business applications.

What should you post on your SaaS social media networks?

With the overwhelming amount of social media posts, it’s hard to find and choose which one is best for SaaS social media marketing post for you, and what your leads want depending on their buyer’s journey.

To make your search a little easier, here are 29 SaaS social media posts that showcase the best of the best in terms of technology and SaaS marketing.

helpful articles
What should you post on your SaaS social media networks? [29 examples] 15

Links to articles | 1

Share an article that validates your customer’s pain point and offers a solution. 

Cost overrun is a common problem for construction companies.

This tweet from ProCore shares information regarding the cost overrun issue and suggests ways to prevent it.

eBooks | 2

It is a great idea for SaaS companies to share eBook for your buyers that may be in the research phase of their buyer journey.

You can use the ebook as part of your sales funnel.

This will help with retention and increase conversion rates.

The primary goal is to provide content that adds value and aims to educate them on things that matter. 

LinkedIn Seequent 2
What should you post on your SaaS social media networks? [29 examples] 16

How-to’s and quick guides | 3

How-to guides and quick guides can be a useful and informative addition to your SaaS social media posts when used in the right way.

While there is a wide range of social media posts available, posting one in the form of a how-to guide can bring a unique and engaging nature to your SaaS social media posts.

Use social media to show to your potential clients how your software can solve their problems.

Summarize features and functionality.

You can include screenshots or show exactly where each feature appears on the screen so people know they are seeing everything correctly.

It will help your prospects understand what exactly they’ll receive if they sign up for your SaaS solution.

Check out this post from Webex on virtual backgrounds when doing video meetings.

Simple but helpful.

Customer stories through short videos | 4

Share these stories with your audience.

It is unique because it comes from the perspective of the user.

Hence, it can help buyers looking for a solution just like yours understand what makes your product unique in a perspective that they can relate.

For sure, a video featuring the story of how your SaaS helped solve a customer’s problem can speak volumes to your potential customers.

Creating a good customer story video requires some planning and preparation. It takes time to plan out all the details that go into creating a great video.

Check out this video:

Support your business partners | 5

What partner doesn’t want extra support from their technology providers/vendors?

Re-share the posts from your channel partners to your fans and followers.

Empower your partners. When they win, you also win.

Plex Systems, a manufacturing platform, re-shares posts not just about their company but also about the wins of its customer – further supporting their customers in their journey.

Note: This is not for everyone because in some instances, you may have NDA in place.

Curiosity Bumps | 6

Curiosity bumps are short videos or images that you can share with your social media users.

These posts are designed to encourage users to click through to websites where they get more information. 

The goal here is to capture their attention and bump the user from social media to your product landing page to help them better understand how your technology works.

HomeZada provides “easy to use smart applications, content, and data to manage your home for insurance, maintenance, remodeling, and financial purposes.”

This SaaS company launched an additional feature for their B2B2C customers.

They promoted this on their social media channels by using eye-catching images with a link to their landing page.  

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What should you post on your SaaS social media networks? [29 examples] 17

Slice-of-life posts | 7

How important is your product and how can it make your potential client’s life easier?

The best way to communicate this is not always through hardcore sales pitches.

Show the value of your service by incorporating it into the day-to-day scenarios or seemingly mundane activities of your target audience.

Let them see how your product could empower them to do their daily hustle efficiently.

Here’s an example from DocuSign:

Facts and numbers | 8

Back up your product claims and services with facts and numbers.

However, it’s not enough just to have them; you need to make sure that these statistics can be verified or substantiated.

If you don’t know what data will work best for your business, start small and test different information until you find something that resonates well with your audience.

Procore, a project management software, emphasized the value of their product by showing how they are helping builders improve their performance through a brief clip on their Instagram account.


This is backed up by a survey that they did among their clients.

Procore maximized this content by including a link to an eBook where explaining the details of the report. 

Causes you support | 9

Promoting causes is one way for companies to get involved in the community they serve.

Create content around your cause and share it with others.

Include links in your tweets/posts to pages where people can learn more about you.

Promoting causes is one way for companies to get involved in the community they serve.

It also helps them build relationships with their customers and potential employees.

Bluebeam, a SaaS solution for construction project management, celebrated environmental sustainability in construction by posting a slideshow of infographics they created about sustainability.

It is fascinating. 

SaaS Updates/Releases |10

Keep users up-to-date on the latest product releases.

Your customers love to know what’s new.

That gives the customers an assurance that you are still there valuing them as such by continuously innovating the software for them.

That will enforce engagement and brand loyalty. 

DCSC took this product update announcement to the next level by inviting their customers to a client update webinar through a Twitter post.

A link was included in their caption, leading to a web page where their clients can register for the event.

The summary of the software updates can be found on the same link as well.

Tech news and latest trends | 11

People in your industry love to be up to date with the latest developments in technology.

Social media posts that get read and shared create social proof. Over time, that builds social equity for your brand.

BuilderTREND, a construction management system for home builders, remodelers, specialty contractors, and general contractors, is keeping their clients in the loop on the latest industry news through an exclusive brand content called Construction Beats.

facebook construction beat 2
What should you post on your SaaS social media networks? [29 examples] 18

Sharing important industry news or trends not only educates your clients but also makes you a reliable source of timely information and builds your credibility as a software service provider.

People working behind-the-scenes | 12

Let your clients know they are working with real people.

Share photos of your employees from time to time to showcase not just your company’s greatest asset, but also your company culture. Here’s a sample from JOB PROGRESS, a cloud-based construction management solution that enables its clients to create proposals and contracts in an instant and have remote business control.


You can also introduce your new hires to your audience, like how Tradify does it through its branded content, Meet a Tradifier.

Live Videos | 13

According to Sproutsocial.com, Facebook Live has seen its daily watch time grow by over 400% since its launch last 2016.

85% of people also said that they are more likely to watch a live broadcast on Facebook because it gives them the opportunity to interact in real time.

Take advantage of this benefit by producing live video content.

What types of “live” content can you publish for your technology company?
  • New version of your software is released with new features, bug fixes, etc.
  • When you have added some new products or services.
  • If your company has been acquired by another company.
  • A major update was made on your product offering.
  • The price of your service changed significantly.

Mailchimp, a marketing automation platform and email marketing service, produced a live video to teach and empower their clients on how to run a successful promotion.

Make it quick and engaging.

facebook mailchimp 2
What should you post on your SaaS social media networks? [29 examples] 19

Swag Contests | 14

Have swags or a cool tool to giveaway? Run a contest on social media to keep your customers and your fans engaged. 

HomeZada, a cloud-based home management software, conducted a contest inviting its users to share the remodel project they finished for the year and used this opportunity to connect to its followers.

swag contests
Disclosure: HomeZada is a Social Success Marketing customer.

Webinar Series | 15

Webinars can be used as an effective marketing tool for any business, especially when you have something of value to offer the audience.

A webinar series will help you build trust among your target market.

It’s like having a virtual meeting room for them to attend.

Webinars allow you to showcase new features or product maintenance updates, announce important changes in policies, provide valuable information about upcoming events, etc.

They also give you the opportunity to answer questions from your users.

Want more attendees?

Create a buzz about it by sharing it on social media to get more leads or webinar attendees.

See this eye-catching event video from Rackspace technology.

saas product demo 2
What should you post on your SaaS social media networks? [29 examples] 20

Product Demo | 16

For businesses selling software products or holding workshops and events, lead generation is an essential part of the process.

This is often achieved by getting people to respond to offers via a well-designed website, but the easiest way of getting your products noticed is by getting people to ‘swarm’ around your social media pages, blog, and landing pages.

So why not showcase that product where your customers are hanging out… on social media.

Repurpose your product demos into bite-sized video content that is easy to share on social media. 

Virtual Office Tours | 17

Office tours make your company personal and real to your customers.

JOB PROGRESS did an office tour where a staff roamed around the office showing the workspaces in the company while also sharing to its viewers why it is worth it to choose their software. An office tour and promo material in one video? Why not?


Interview your software engineers | 18

Watching interviews of the actors who portrayed the roles in the film that you love makes you feel more connected to it, right?

It is such a delight every time our questions about the movie are answered by the cast themselves!

Give your clients that same feeling by granting them access to the company leaders and developers who labored to give them the software that made their life easier.

This is not just beneficial to your loyal customers, but also to your potential customers.

You can solicit direct questions from your followers for your software developers and company leaders to answer.

Tap your social capital | 19

You don’t have to go far on this one. 

The more people you know and trust you in your social media accounts, the better off you are. This is called “social capital”.

It is the social value an individual gains in exchange for joining and being active in a [social] network.

The social equity you gain out of that includes trust, reciprocity, mutual support, and many more!

If you have been following the right industry and the right people, and have built relationships with them; then, go ahead re-share the contents of your social media followers. Tag them if you can so they know what you just did.

Humble brags | 20

Humble brags are social proof to show off your success stories.

It is an earned media or publicity worth sharing on social.

For example, if you have been featured in your industry publications, then use it to showcase your achievement on social media.

JOB PROGRESS was featured by bloggerlocal.com as the #1 of the  “10 Best Contractor CRM & Construction Project Management Software Apps.” JOB PROGRESS then posted that on Instagram for their social media followers to see.


Won an award? Gained an impressive number of followers in your social networks? Communicate your latest triumph to your social media users. 

Social Leadership | 21

Yes, it is true that as social media has become more commonplace, it is no longer just the “cool kids” who are using social media platforms.

In the workplace, 56% of professionals say a business executive’s social media presence positively influences their purchase decision​ and 66% say they would be more likely to recommend a company or brand if they followed a company executive on social media networks.

Also, according to this survey, “… an astounding 93% of survey respondents view socially engaged CEOs as a means to build better connections with customers, employees, and investors.” 

A LinkedIn social media post of your business concerning the latest software update/release would make a press release seem antiquated. And when that social media content is announced by your CEO, it brings with it a different layer of authority and gravitas, doesn’t it?

In this sample post from Raken, their CEO, Kyle Slager, discussed a new software feature stressing the value it offers to companies that are using it.


Is your top management all aboard in regard to your B2B social media plan? 

Podcasts | 22

Have a favorite podcast? Share it on social media. Don’t forget to add your two cents to make it unique.

Like any digital marketing platform, podcasts that are about news and trends, educational and entertaining will most likely get you an audience because these are the three contents that digital natives typically consume.

Tradify’s podcast, Behind the Tools, shares snippets of their show engaging post for Facebook and Instagram like the one below.


Tradify that features their CEO, Michael Steckler as he, “asks the real questions you want to be answered by other trade business owners. Successes, struggles, suggestions, and a bit of general banter.”

Plain Texts | 23

Sometimes, less is more.

Just plain texts can do the trick too.

Check out this Twitter post by WebEx. As you can see, it garnered a lot of engagement.

Dash of Humor | 24

Posting about educational content is well, and good but it does get boring after a while.

Social media doesn’t always have to be serious. If you’ve got a knack for writing funny things on social media, why not make it an event to include it on your social media calendar?

That gives your followers something to laugh at, which means more engagement and likes. Have you seen this social media post on Twitter by Jobber?

Customer testimonials | 25

This one works two ways:

– use your social media profiles to gather customer reviews; and, (add a link to GMB here, the latest)
– use the social networks to highlight these reviews. 

Customer testimonials, or endorsements, are the most effective way to spread the word about your business.

Not only do they communicate a recognizable message, but they are also a great way to build trust with current customers.

Also, endorsements like that show your potential clients what other people think about your products/services. 

Letting others speak about you positively is the best of all social media ads that you can share out there.

Sneak Peeks | 26

Tech companies can’t afford to be silent on social media, but you don’t want to reveal your products too early.

That’s where sneak peeks come in.

Sneak peek posts are designed to get your fans, followers, and customers excited. 

Working on a new feature release?

Give your customers a glimpse of what to expect in your upcoming release.

Maybe a photo? A video?

That will keep them excited and engaged.

New Feature Unboxing | 27

Who said that unboxing is for “physical” items only? You can do that with software too!

Asana recreated the usual software update and product launch approach by compiling reactions from their clients who are a part of the #AsanaTogether community.

asana facebook 2
What should you post on your SaaS social media networks? [29 examples] 21

Asana featured these reactions while at the same time, presenting what the new update is about visually all throughout the video.

Polls | 28

Polls are an easy way for SaaS companies to gather feedback from their followers, customers, and leads.

Running a poll on social media gives your leads and customers a way to share their voices. 

You can ask people to vote on different options and use the results to give them a visual representation of what the most popular choices are.

There are different types of polls you can implement: opinion polls, question polls, or binary polls.

People use polls for different reasons, from generating discussion on a topic, collecting information, to simply having fun and providing entertainment.

Fun national holidays and trade events | 29

Yes, you are permitted to have fun, too. It is SOCIAL media after all.

There are many national holidays that B2B marketers can add to your social media calendar. 

Include your trade show events conferences, historical trivia, and other fun events of the day. 

These types of social media posts are relevant and engaging, so keep an eye out for these events. 

Use holidays and special events to connect with your customers. Aside from the fact that it makes you relevant, it also shows that you care. Too cheesy?

Dear SaaS Companies: Go Social or Go Home!

Social platforms allow SaaS companies to connect directly with customers through conversations rather than social media ads and promotions, helping you get more exposure.

Just as long as you know your target audience, your business goals are clear to you, and you are working on a social media platform that fits those goals, you are good to go.

Remember: every social media post counts!

Do you have any social media content suggestions for SaaS companies that you like to add?

Drop it in the comment below. 

If you need help in making your social media work for you, we are here to provide solutions that would help your company grow and gain the social media exposure it deserves.

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What should you post on your SaaS social media networks? [29 examples]

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